Lost and Found Log Template

A ‘lost and found log’ is used to keep a record of all the lost and found items. The log is usually used by the lost and found department of any organization to keep a track of misplaced items of the visitors. The log is great for venues and events too, where most of the time people leave things behind or find any lost item.

Structure of a lost and found log:

Either if it is an educational institute or some recreational place and even a venue, the structure of a lost and found log book is almost the same everywhere. It consists of:

  • Columns of date.
  • Log number.
  • Description of the lost item found.
  • Turned in by whom.
  • Claimed by whom.
  • Phone number ( in case some other person comes and claims for the same item)
  • Released by whom.
  • Date released.
  • Time-released.

A lost and found log can be maintained in two ways:

  • By keeping a register and writing about all the lost and found items along with all details.
  • Downloading an online template to keep a record.

An online lost and found log template helps in easy management and it is easy to track a record on time.


File: Excel (.xls) 2007/10
Size 9 Kb | Download

Uses of a lost and found logbook:

The uses of a properly maintained lost and found log cannot be neglected, that is why almost every company has a proper department for keeping a track of lost items.

Some of the main advantages of this tool are:

  • It is easy to keep a record of all the lost items dropped at the office.
  • The tool saves time while looking for the lost items claimed by the people.
  • Lost and found log builds a relationship of trust between the people and the organizations.
  • With the help of a log, we can easily get the phone number of the person who claimed the lost item, if anyone else comes for the same product. It is to be noted that full details of lost items shall be provided by the individual who claims to be the owner of the product.

In this technological era, where companies are moving towards using software for each department, then lost and found departments also not need to be neglected.

Log templates

Lost and found is a general term implied to those places where lost items can be found or received. These items are usually lost at public places e.g. at museums, theaters, taxis. In specific buildings sometimes lost and found section is designed for the convenience of people. Lost and found agencies contact the owners if proper identification is available.

How to deal with lost and found items:

  • Attach a standard lost and found label the item
  • A proper logbook for lost and found items is managed and is kept under the office on duty or the logbook should be placed in an area where it is easily accessible.
  • Define the article name and short description on the label as well as in the logbook
  • For items that are disclosed publicly are listed in the presence of witnesses along with the name of the place where the item is found.
  • List the day, date and time article was found
  • The complete identity profile of the person who found the article should be mentioned
  • Identify the person who found it
  • Mention any item that is not claimed with the date and method of disposition

The logbook will serve as an identification key for the lost items and are very helpful to find lost articles even when the assigned person for logbook handling is absent. If your organization is preparing a lost and found log, then it is better to download it from website templates, as they are totally free and customized for quick formatting and maintenance.

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