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Total Cost of Ownership Calculator

Ownership Calculation

If you own certain kind of asset then from purchasing tell, this time, you calculate all the cost that the asset received this is the termed as Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) which is also known as life cycle cost analysis. Ownership cost does include the initial purchase cost but along with this it also encompasses the substantial associated cost of installing, using, upgrading or handling the asset.

The total cost analysis is sally confused with the purchased price, but this lifetime analysis is completely different from the purchase price. This is not a single price; in fact, it is a total of the different cost applied timely on the purchased asset. It could be understood by the example of expensive computer software system organizations, competitors of such software houses debates that the ownership of a computing system hardware or software is quite high for the past few years as compared to the original purchase price of those computer devices.

TCO analysis is used to sustain attainment and scheduling resolutions assets that involve momentous functional costs during the whole ownership life. Total cost of ownership (TCO) analysis is the key point to take the managerial decision to attain computing structures, buildings, vehicle, surgical equipment factory machines, and an expensive aircraft.

TCO analysis needs the following consideration

  • Accounting and scheduling
  • Management of asset life
  • Ranking investment attainment offers
  • Retailer choice

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