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Loan Calculator Template

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Many people take out loans when trying to make a big purchase like a car, house or property or when about to start up a business. These loans are spread out in plans that require the individual to pay a certain amount on a monthly basis along with the interest amount as well. Individuals, who seek out loans, need to think a lot about how they will be paying off the loan since the interest amount added makes the whole amount higher than the original price.

To calculate how much money one has to pay back on a monthly or yearly basis, one can make use of the Loan Calculator. This calculator helps an individual calculate the monthly or yearly amount to be paid.

This calculator can be found online on various websites or you can download the application on your cell phone or tablet as well. All it requires you to fill in the loan amount along with the years or the months that loan is expected to be paid off in, the interest rate (if you are unsure about the interest rate you can always check the get today’s interest rate option – It may differ country to country) and the date on which the loan started off. It will calculate how much money you need to pay monthly along with a chart of how much amount is the principal amount and how much is the interest paid.

Using a loan calculator can help out individuals to decide whether or not a specific loan package works for them or if the whole loan is affordable for them.

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Loan Calculator Template

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Loan Calculator with Extra Payment

loan calculator with extra payments

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