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Instructors do a load of stuff for an array of students. They have got a lot of work to do and obviously, when you have lots of tasks it is difficult to keep a proper track of them they have to do work for the institution, for, their pupils, and for their own education.

Teachers are often required to attend or complete continuing education for their profession, and to hold proper information about all the subjects that they teach. To organize their chores and to keep a track of their credits they can use the Educational Credits Tracker template. It is a useful tool for organizing and holding all the data they need.


Keeping track of education credits is important since it helps you keep all your certifications up to date and business operating smoothly and successfully. There are certain posts on which only accredited people are eligible to work. If you are working on a post and you want to prove yourself to be eligible, you are required to keep your certification up to date. The auditors can come any time to audit your certificates. So, you should always be able to track your education credits.

For professional people, there are many such certifications that they earn by taking an exam. These exams are not for a lifetime. Rather, they expire after two or three years. The certificates expire because new information keeps adding to the exam area and the candidate is required to take the exam again when enough information adds to the course.

Importance of education credit tracking:

People who don’t track their credits often encounter the situation in which they are fined for not having an updates certificate. In order to avoid the penalties, you should keep track of required education credits.

The Education Credits Tracker template is available online for the internet to use for free. Such templates are simple to use, and one will get rapid tracking and reporting regarding his continuous education credits. You may also download the templates to your computer. After installation, you will not need a network connection to use the templates. One can also customize his templates according to his needs.

In order to use the template record each course as you are done with it. To get a better result you should record the course details with proper management. It is also important to know how credible a certain course or diploma is. Moreover, you should also remember the value of the money that you paid for the class. This will help for repaying purposes and with a tax deduction. Add details about a class to recall each one of it.

After using the template one does not need to worry about keeping track of all your different education credits. The tracker will save your efforts and time.


Education credit tracker template

Download your file below.

Education Credits Tracker Template

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Education credits tracker is an application that is capable of tracking the credits. This tracker not only keeps the track of continuing education credits but also issues the reports. The tracker saves the user from having to go through long documents written in foreign languages. Moreover, the user is required to provide the details about the earned certificates only once and then the tracker always monitors it in order to know when the user actually needs to renew his credits.

The education credits tracker has an additional feature with which the user can upload the details about all the earned certificates in no time. There is a personal dashboard that is prepared by the tracker for each individual user.

This makes access to personal accreditation details easier. When your state asks you to give the proof of your education credits, you can simply access the dashboard to obtain all the information about the credits. This will ultimately save the time of the user.

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