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Our life is a mixture of actions and inactions. Work might seem hectic but it can get us the creative joy in our life. Jobs not only get us money but they also take away the boredom of our life. We are humans and we have a lot of energy. If we do not utilize our energy, we might invest it in wrong activities. A job is a good way to put our energies to the right place for the right reasons.

Jobs make us mentally and physically happy and active. Sitting idle can cause us more tiresome and depress. We have a limited time on earth and the most intelligent person is the one who will use the time to its maximum. The whole human civilization has been based and running due to the work we do.


A job can be an exciting or a hectic task for some people. Some young people might end up in wrong jobs just because they do not know what they want. It is very important to find out the five most important things you look in for a job like the work environment or the timings.

Once you have figured out the type of job you want, the next thing to do is to create a list of the jobs that will meet your criteria. Some people create excel sheet which helps in creating and filtering the job applications. The job descriptions are not taken seriously by most of the people. Reading the job description thoroughly is very important. It might seem to be a time taking activity but it is saving time for you in the long run. The companies mention the job descriptions and skills in details. You might read the description and you think you can do this job. Apply confidently and prove your employer that you have the skills to do what it takes.

Applying for different jobs with one resume is a wrong move. The resume should add the keywords which will help you get that job. A job application log can be a good way to keep an organized search. The job application template contains a lot of information about the company. The job title and the contact information of the company can be one of the most important things to look for. The mailing address is one of the most important factors as the resume needs to be sent there. Some references might come in handy when sending the resume.

Keywords are very important, especially when conducting a research. Job description and the keywords should be mentioned in the log. The application status and the interview dates should be noted down. A job application can be a hectic task but if it is done with proper working, it can help you land your dream job.

When you applied at several places for seeking a job then it is better to compile a job log.

Finding a job is the foremost task after completion of education or when the financial earnings are going down. In this market-oriented culture, various jobs are being uploaded daily in every field and the job hunters are applying at various sites both via the internet and in the organization personally to get a good job. A job application log will help to keep you organized.

Keeping a log is an easy task; just create a spreadsheet listing the jobs you’ve applied for, the other details include the contacts, date and time of resume submission, with the follow-up schedules. The organized job log will let you have a bird’s eye view if you have calls from various employers.

Microsoft has always been serving its clients with its pre- formatted templates in every business field. You have to just type in the search box and then you have good templates to download.

The log, help you to avoid replicas, crossing deadlines and missing of interviews. Job search log simply at your hand you have to just download the file. Microsoft Excel delivers the best spreadsheet for job search log. You have to type the valid data for every job you have submitted the application.

Your job search log will help you to:

  • Arrange the places and services where you have applied before
  • Line –up the date of applications and proceedings
  • Enter details about the applied vacancy
  • List interview specifications
  • Arranging a directory of Contacts and phone numbers

Besides Microsoft templates, other software is also delivering free templates to create your own preferable job log.

Download your file below.

Job Application Log Template

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