dinner party journal template

Dinner Party Journal Template

Dinner Parties & Journal Templates

If you like having dinner parties, a dinner party journal is a good idea to have. It will be able to allow you to remember who you have invited, what you cooked, drank, even some things that you talked. You could also then be sure that you are not providing the same dishes over and over for the same guests.

You can also record what kind of food is not preferred by a certain guest, and not cook that when they come over. No doubt you will have a record concerning your social life if you have a dinner party journal.


It does not need to be very complicated. It can be a book or diary whereby every page should have the date. You can then write which guests you invited and what their eating habits are. Writing the seating arrangements can also be done. You can then write a menu of what you cooked that particular night. If you want, you can also write where you got the recipes from as well as how each dish was. If you want your journal to be more fun than you can also write about outfits that were memorable, as well as moments and quotes that you liked.

This journal will no doubt be very helpful especially when you are planning what to cook for holiday meals. You can change the menu slightly for every holiday occasion so that your guests, as well as family, will appreciate you.

If you wish you can purchase a dinner party journal or make one yourself as it is very simple to do.

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Dinner Party Journal Template

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