Time Management Worksheet

All those people who are always failed to manage their tasks properly can use the time management template. Keeping a proper Worksheet is important when you want your time to be managed properly.

You can keep all the tasks in the Worksheet which have been prioritized by you. In this spreadsheet, all the important tasks are placed at the top and the least important tasks are placed at the bottom.


The time management Worksheet enables the person to write down all the important tasks at one place so that a person cannot forget any one of them.

The biggest problem of the people these days is that they can’t perform all the tasks in the given amount of time and this happens because of not managing the time and the tasks properly. The time management Worksheet should include the complete daily routine of the person. A daily planner can be used to plan that how one should manage the time to complete all the tasks of the day.

The breaks should also be added in the time management Worksheet since it is not possible for a human being to do the work continuously for hours without any break.

The Worksheet should include only important tasks which are necessary to be performed in a day. If the unnecessary tasks are added to the Worksheet, they can cause distraction and a person may lose his focus. For example, don’t allocate extra break to the Facebook. This will make you lose your focus and can waste a lot of time.

About Template

This time management spreadsheet template is designed to help people to manage their activities for a whole month. Each page contains a record of two weeks. Follow the following points to use this template

  • Download and save a copy of this spreadsheet template to your computer.
  • The file is in .zip format so extract it to the same local folder.
  • Open the file using Microsoft Excel Software that is already installed on your computer.
  • Start customization with your name, address, employment status and coming up events information.
  • Writing address and employment status or information are optional. One may not need to write this as part of time management but still, the option is there.
  • You will see three pages all in a printable format. It is recommended not to change page format, layout, height or its width. Doing so will change the printable format of the page.
  • Begin by writing the day, date and activities for that date. You can add two activities for one date. In order to increase more activities record, you have to increase the number of columns. To do this right click in the column and chose “add column” right or left to the chosen column.
  • Keep adding activities for the whole month relevant to dates.
  • In the end, you can add important “things to do”, “Calls to made” and “items to buy” coming up for the whole two weeks.

Hope this template will help you solve the problem of time management for activities. To let us know how you find this template please don’t forget to comment. Thank you!


Time management worksheet

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Time Management Worksheet Template

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