Employee’s Office Car Mileage Report Sheet

Organisations and companies are run by hundreds of employees working day and night to achieve designated goals. Almost every workplace hires an extra set of employees to share the workload and provide quality services to their customers. In addition to paying them for their hard work, employers also reward employees for their dedication and good intentions towards the company.

Incentives for employees can be of different types depending on the budget of the reward. Some of these incentives include paid vacation, dinner at fancy restaurants or coupons for eateries. Employees are also facilitated by the company through different means e.g., paid leave in case of emergency or covering the fuel budget of their automobile. Many companies provide a certain amount to their employees for covering the fuel depending on fuel prices at that time.


Car mileage is defined as the number of miles travelled at the expense of gallons of fuel used. Companies cover the cost of a specific number of miles and pay their employees accordingly. Data of car mileage of every employee within a company is maintained through an organized process to avoid inconvenience and disruption.

Report sheets are prepared sheets of paper which can be filled with required data. These sheets have columns of specific activity or information and are filled on demand. A number of columns can be altered, and it may range from one to many.

Employee’s office car mileage report sheet has designated columns which provide information about the gallons or litres of fuel used and the number of miles that car travelled. The data is organized manner and helps in tracking down any specific information. Report sheets usually include columns for the start and end of the odometer which provides a calculation of the miles travelled. It may also include the price of fuel on a particular day as it changes every other day.

Car mileage report sheets are very important for the employer as they provide a detailed review of the fuel used so that an employee can be compensated accordingly. Some of the key features of the report sheets are mentioned below,

  • Data of every employee can be entered without any hassle or a particular system.
  • Report sheets can be made on a weekly or monthly basis depending on the ease and requirement.
  • As many as desired columns can be added to the report sheet and data can be filled in.
  • Data is arranged in an organized manner and can be easily tracked by every employee.
  • It is easy to design and can be designed by any employee of the company.
  • These report sheets can be filled by any employee and do not require a specific employee to fill them.

The template for the car mileage report sheet is very simple and can be designed in excel easily. Although templates of these report sheets are available on the internet and can be easily downloaded.

The template of the car mileage report sheet is given below:

Name of EmployeeOdometer startOdometer endLitres of fuel usedDate of filling fuelPrice of fuel

Preview of template

Car mileage report sheet

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