Daily Cleaning Inspection Sheet

Cleanliness is important and required everywhere including at home, school, institution, business, store, company, office, etc. If the area is not clean, people will avoid visiting it. Business can be affected by this. Everything needs to be cleaned carefully, regularly, so that hygiene can be maintained. A daily cleaning inspection sheet can help here.

What is a daily cleaning inspection sheet?

A daily cleaning inspection sheet is a sheet that allows the inspector to check all areas that have to be cleaned and if they are cleaned. It allows the area to be totally clean without forgetting any place.


Importance of a daily cleaning inspection sheet:

The daily cleaning inspection sheet helps know whether the cleaning schedule has been followed. It helps make certain that the place has been perfectly cleaned. A homeowner, business, etc. will find it helpful to know whether the place is spotless. It can help maintain the area and allow the business to prosper.

Tips to create a daily cleaning inspection sheet:

When wanting to make the daily cleaning inspection sheet make sure that you include all areas that have to be perfect. The below tips can help make the sheet:

Application: Start by figuring out what application to make it in. It is better to type the sheet rather than write it by hand. The template can be saved. You can use Microsoft Word to make it in.

Heading: A heading is a necessary part of any document. It allows readers and the concerned people to know what the document is about. The heading for this one will be something like “Daily Cleaning Inspection Sheet.”

Company logo: If the sheet is for a company you can include its logo. It will give it a further professional touch.

Details of the place: The building, home, etc. being inspected needs to be stated. You will include its address. If the inspection is occurring by a cleaning company state their name.

Date and time: The date and time of the inspection should be provided. It can help know when last it occurred and if the inspection is happening daily or not.

Table: To make the inspection easier, create a table that can be filled in whilst checking the various areas that are being inspected. The table is easy to read as well.

Items being inspected: The table has to include an area that states the various items being inspected. All areas should be included here. If the inspection is of an office or building you will add staircases, corridors, lift lobbies, lifts, storerooms, toilets, kitchen, different appliances in the kitchen, fans, air conditioners, management office, podium, external area, landscaping, roof, refuse area, etc.

If the sheet is for home add the various areas of the home like furniture, carpets, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, lawn, etc. Also include the various things that need to be cleaned in these rooms.

It is better to include rooms separately. A heading for each room will be given and under this, you will tell the various items that need to be inspected in the room.

Assessment: It depends on how you want the assessment to be done. It can include whether the area was cleaned or not. You will have a space for “Yes” and “No” here. The assessment can be a bit more detailed stating whether the place cleaned was “Good”, “Satisfactory”, “Not Good”, etc. A space explaining precisely why you were dissatisfied is helpful.

Remarks: Include a place where any recommendations and remarks can be given.

Who it was inspected by: The individual who inspected the place, their name, should be included and signature also. The signature makes the sheet more valid.

Follow-up action: If there is any follow-up action state it. Include who it was taken by and the date also.

The daily cleaning inspection sheet is helpful to make sure all areas have been cleaned. It ensures that the building, home, etc. is clean and safe for everyone there. Nowadays it is necessary to keep areas clean especially due to the spread of diseases like COVID-19. If you need to make this sheet, you can keep the above points in mind. Make it simple to read and fill in as well so that no one is confused.

Daily cleaning inspection sheet