Building Facilities Checklist

Building a building is no easy task. Many factors need to be kept in mind here. If anything goes wrong it can result in the building having faults. It can be risky for whoever stays or works there. The facilities in a building need to be audited as well so no one steals anything. To help ease the burden, a building facilities checklist can be created.

What is a building facilities checklist?

A building facilities checklist is the list made stating the facilities in a building or ones that need to be installed. The list helps know what the building contains or what a new building requires.


Importance of a building facilities checklist

A building facilities checklist is important if you want to keep a record of all facilities in your building. It helps know what is present and what is required. When wanting to build a building the checklist can be used to make sure all necessary facilities are added. It can help know how much it will cost for all facilities as well.

It depends on whether you are making the checklist to audit facilities present or making it when wanting to build a building. Both are important and needed for their purposes.

Tips to create a building facilities checklist:

If you need to create the building facilities checklist do it carefully so that all details are simple to read and anything that has to be filled in is easy to do. The following tips can be kept in mind when doing this:

Application: Start by choosing what application to make the checklist in. It is formal and professional and so should be created like this. You can make the checklist in Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel. Both allow one to make tables easily.

Font: The font chosen must be a formal one like “Times New Roman”, “Ariel” etc. It should be easy to read. Choose a good size like 14 or 16 for the heading and 12 for the rest of the details.

Heading: All documents, lists, checklists, should have a heading so that people know what it is for. It gives it a professional look as well. This checklist will have a heading like “Building Facilities Checklist”. The heading will be stated at the top of the checklist. Choose a bigger font for the heading than for the rest of the document.

Table: Create a table that is simple to fill in. It should be precise and include all areas of the building.

Parking and entrance: Begin with the parking lot and exterior entrance area. Give a heading to this part of the table. Include everything that is required here. It will be lights, covers of lights, flagpole, walkway area, grass, parking area, sidewalks, etc. Whatever you think is necessary for the area must be added.

Plumbing: You can have an area for the plumbing. It will state all plumbing needs like pipes, drains, toilets, sink, etc.

Interior of building: The list under this includes things like doors, heaters, air conditioners, fans, cupboards, windows, lights, locks, etc.

Requirements: You can have a column for requirements. It will tell the exact requirements of the facilities. For instance, you will give the specification of doors, windows, etc. over here. The particular locks you want will be stated, the type of lighting needed, etc.

For plumbing, you can tell which type of toilets, showers, sinks are required. The requirements heading must be next to the main facilities so that it can be filled in with the facility. This will make it easier to read.

Name of the inspector: The name of the inspector or person who has made the sheet will be given. Include an area for the signature as well. When a signature is included it gives the document an authentic and professional touch.

Final Words

The building facility checklist is one that helps know what is in a building and if it is in working and perfect shape. The list is helpful to make sure all facilities are included in a building. With this, you will make sure that everything is added making the area safe for all and perfect to stay and work in.

Building Facilities Checklist Template


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