Quality Complaint Log

Getting quality complaints is the biggest concern of every business. When customers are complaining about the quality of the products, it means that the business is not performing up to the mark. In such a situation, your competitors might outperform you and take the lead. If you don’t want this to happen, you should use a quality complaint log.

What is a quality complaint log?

A quality complaint log is used to keep the record of all the complaints of the customers that a business receives pertaining to the quality of products. This complaint log has become very important for a business because it helps the business know how well it has been performing.


Why it is important to use a quality complaint log?

Every organization these days maintains the quality complaint log. This is essential for all those businesses that believe in learning from their mistakes. When they receive a complaint from their customer, they come to know that they have made a mistake or some compromises on quality. In this way, this log helps a business rethink everything.

Sometimes there are certain strategies of a business that are not working. When the business receives a complaint regarding those strategies, it starts thinking about not investing in the same strategies again. This way, all the unnecessary work a business used to do is eliminated.

How to use the quality complaint log?

A successful business always listens to its customers and values their feedback. The feedback of the customers lets the business know that there is a need to bring some improvements in the quality of the products and services.

Therefore, customers are provided with the phone number and email address of the company to send their feedback to. Companies also ensure that they have provided their contact details on their official webpage.

When customers contact the business and lodge a complaint concerning the quality of the product, the representatives of the company entertain them and listens to them. Then they use the quality complaint log in which they write down the record of the complaint.

This record includes the information regarding the person complaining, the concern of the person regarding the quality of the product, the quality attribute the customer has criticized, contact details of the customer, and much more.

The business keeps seeing the quality complaint log and trying to figure out that in which area it needs improvement.

Not all the quality complaints are worth worrying about. However, if there are certain complaints about the same issue, it confirms the existence of the issue. The business then takes several actions to resolve that issue.

What information does the quality complaint log collect?

Following are some basic details that are found usually in every type of complaint log. If you are trying to create your log, you must see the details given below:

  1. A reference number of the complaint:

Every complaint is unique. Therefore, when a business receives a complaint, it assigns a unique number to it. When the customer has to know the status of the complaint, he will have to provide that number as a reference number. The company remembers the complaint of every customer by the reference number.

The representatives can guide the customer well if the customer provides the reference number they received while lodging the complaint

  1. Date and time:

For a brand, it is essential to know that at which time the complaint was lodged. If the company already knew the issue and resolved it after the reported date and time, it can assume that the complaint has been resolved and there is no need to be worried about it.

  1. Details of the person complaining:

Some businesses pay attention to those customers who have sent any kind of complaint earlier. This is their strategy to please their customers. Therefore, they like to keep track of all the customers who have complaints. The log collects the information about the person sending the complaint

  1. Status of the complaint:

The quality complaint log is not for the customer. Rather, it is for the company to maintain it. For its convenience, the company likes to note the status of the complaint so that it can be ensured that customers’ problem has been resolved.

Quality complaint log template