Material Quantity Record Sheet

All functions in an industry need to occur perfectly. Everything must be analyzed carefully so that operations succeed. The material used in producing products needs to be carefully audited. When this is not done it can lead to errors and the production of low-quality products. A material quantity record sheet is helpful here.

What is a material quantity record sheet?

A material quantity record sheet often gets made by the engineering department. It gets based upon the expected amount of material that must be theoretically employed within the production phase. There will be an allowance for some amount of scrap also.


Importance of a material quantity record sheet

A material quantity record sheet is the sheet that records the number of different materials present. With manufacturers and staff can know how much material is available, which one is available, etc. Therefore, the production of goods can occur efficiently.

Tips to create a material quantity record sheet:

When you need to make a material quantity record sheet it is important to do it carefully so no errors occur. The following tips can be kept in mind here:

Microsoft Excel:

Selecting an application to make the sheet in is important. You have to choose the right one if you want it to save and calculate everything carefully. Microsoft Excel is good here. Tables can be made, and calculations can occur easily.


The sheet is a professional and formal one. You need to create it like this keeping the point in mind. A heading should be included. It will be a “Material Quantity List” or something like this. The heading allows all to know what the document is about.


You will create a table in the application. A table is easy to fill in and simple to read if you have the right headings. Make it so that whoever needs to fill it in or read it will not find the activity tough.

Item name:

The first column will be for the name of the item. It will be precise including its name only.


It is a good idea to add a column for description. Here the person filling in the table will give a brief description allowing all to know what the material is and its purpose. Make it short. You can state the product ID, name, description, category all in separate columns if you want.


This column will state the quantity of the material. Only tell the quantity here without adding any description.

Unit cost:

Include the cost of the single material. It will help management know how much needs to be spent on making the product.


It is important to tell the total cost of one type of material. One needs to know the expected amount. If you want, you can include a column that tells where the material needs to be brought from. This will make it easier for the people who are involved in purchasing the stuff to know where to go.

Prepared by:

At the bottom state who the table has been prepared by. It is necessary to know this when records are being checked. The management also requires the information.

Signed by:

A signature gives any document an authentic touch. It tells that whatever has been stated above is true as confirmed by the person who has signed it. If any issue occurs, later, it will be known who to contact.

All items:

The table will include all materials needed to create a single product. It will be helpful to make a different one for every item that has to be produced. Everyone will find this type of one more helpful.

Final Words:

From the above, you can tell that the quantity record sheet is an important one. It should be made carefully and clearly. It should be simple to fill in and read by all who are involved in this area of the business. The sheet may probably be kept as a record. It must be filled in carefully as well.

Any mistakes can lead to errors which can result in the people involved being penalized. The above points can be kept in mind when making the sheet.

Material quantity record sheet template