Weekly Appointment Sheet Template

Appointments are an important part of any organization. It is necessary to be prepared for these so that you do not waste the time of the concerned person. Some managers, bosses, etc. have many appointments that they may forget some. This gives a bad impression of the business. You may even lose a good opportunity due to carelessness.

If you need to schedule appointments for your boss you have to know when they are free. It is unprofessional if more than one is scheduled on a single day at the same time. An organized way to list appointments is required.


What is a weekly appointment sheet?

A weekly appointment sheet allows one to carefully schedule appointments and remembers them. It helps a boss or manager and the secretary when wanting to save any meetings.

Importance of a weekly appointment sheet:

A weekly appointment sheet is a necessary document that should be made with care. It allows a secretary to know when there is a free slot for someone who wants to meet the head of the company, departments, etc. The manager will also know when they have an appointment and with whom.

In this way, everything can be carefully organized. In case your boss needs to remember when they had a certain appointment, they can take out the sheet and have a look at it.

Tips to create a weekly appointment sheet:

If you need to make a weekly appointment sheet do it professionally so it is simple to fill in. The following points can be kept in mind:


Begin by choosing what application to create it in. A spreadsheet may be used. These can be printed out. The sheet can be made in Excel and Google Sheets allowing you to edit as well as track schedules electronically. You can even make it in Word.


The sheet should have a heading, so it is known what it is for. For this one, it will be “Weekly Appointment Schedule” for instance.


Create tables that are simple to fill in and read as well. It is a weekly one so you will have the days of the week listed. The concerned dates must be given as well. Underneath each day you can have the heading “Name” and “Number”. It will be easy to contact the person in case any changes have to occur.

In the row area, the time will be given. According to what timings it is possible to take interviews, you will state these. Do the same for all working days. You can include when it is lunch and teatime so that it is not confusing. The reason that the appointment is occurring may be given.

It will let you know what the person is coming to discuss. In this way, the manager can be ready and prepared.


The format for the sheet is a professional and formal one. It is for your workplace and should be designed carefully. It must be easy to fill in without any confusion on the reader’s part as well. You can create one for every working week. It can be printed out. If you want to fill it in online use Microsoft Excel.

Making it in Microsoft Excel:

Here you will give a heading. Include the start date, start time, interval. The first column will be on time. The next ones will be the day of the week with the date. In each row, the name, reason for the appointment, can be easily filled.

This is also a professional way to create a weekly appointment schedule. Paper will be saved and printing costs as well. The sheet can be saved on the computer or can be emailed.

Final Words:

A weekly appointment schedule is an important part of any institution, organization, etc. that holds appointments. Without this it is easy to forget appointments and what they are intended for.

The person scheduling interviews requires it as they can know when there is a free slot. Many things are happening in the workplace and it can be easy to forget meetings with special individuals. To avoid confusion, create the above schedule carefully.

Weekly appointment sheet template