Grocery List Template

A grocery list is basically a list of food items that need to be purchased by a person. The best way to remember the items that need to be bought is to keep a track list of what items have been used up. For example, if a person has used up all their bread and eggs, they can add those items to the grocery list. This will be a useful list that will help remember what groceries need to be purchased again.

Creating a grocery list is especially helpful for those people who like certain brands of the items they consume. The list can help remember the brand name and the quantity of the item needed.


This template has sample food items that are used by everyone in daily life. The categories, the grocery items are separated into, also help during the purchasing process as the categories cover almost all of the items common among households. Also, the categories create less confusion and help remember more items. For example, the category names may remind the person of another similar item used that needs to be bought.

The categorized list is also a great way of remembering which items need to be purchased for people who do not shop for groceries from a single grocery store. For example, bakery items may be purchased from a different store, from a store that sells other groceries.

Moreover, in case the person that keeps check of the groceries such as mothers at home and inventory checkers in restaurants, cannot purchase the grocery items themselves, the list will be a useful tool for the person purchasing the goods.

The template is created to be very simple and easy to understand. Other than the samples given, it can be edited to add other grocery items. The brand name and the quantity column help remember which brand of the item is to be bought and the quantity. For example, in the supplies category 1 kg packet of ‘XXX’ detergent, tells the name of the detergent and the quantity of it that needs to be purchased.

The template can be edited according to the preference of the user and printed out. Under the heading ‘Done’, marks can help cross out the items that have been purchased to keep a clear track of the items bought.

In case, the list is being used digitally, the Auto-filler option helps track the items that still have not been purchased. By clicking on the black triangle in the ‘Done?’ column, the filtered lists can be accessed. To access the list of items that have been purchased, select ‘a’ in the drop-down menu. The complete list can be seen by selecting the ‘All’ option.

This list is a helpful tool for people who keep check of the groceries at home or at work. For example, a housewife will find this list useful during grocery shopping. People that keep check of food item inventories at restaurants or places that have a kitchen/cafeteria can use this list to keep track of the items that need to be bought.


Grocery list template

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