House Cleaning Checklist

A house is a place where an individual can relax and spend some quality time with his or her family and close friends. This house entertains a lot of people on a regular basis and has seen a lot of ups and downs. This house has been a friend in need and is always there. It is the duty and the responsibility of an individual that they make sure that their house is clean and spick and span so their house is maintained.

The cleanliness of a house is important as it not only makes the house look gorgeous and beautiful but also prevents various ailments and diseases from spreading. The cleanliness of a house should be an important aspect and should be given a lot of consideration. To make sure that the house is cleaned thoroughly a house cleaning checklist should be made which not only lists down everything that needs to be cleaned but also helps in cleaning the house systematically and in a more rigorous manner.


There are lots of fun things that can you can do with your house. Cleaning of the house is one of them.

There are several things in the house that get completely overlooked while cleaning your house. It is possible that you forget certain areas of the house to clean. In order to avoid such a problem, you can use a house cleaning checklist.

What is a house cleaning checklist?

House cleaning checklist is a document which contains an organized list of all those tasks that are required to be done in order to properly clean the house. The purpose of this template is to ensure that there is no area of the house which is left unclean. This amazing template can help you clean the house in a systematic way.

This house cleaning checklist can be divided and subdivided into various parts so that the whole checklist is easy to understand and tackle. It can be divided into columns which are allotted for writing down the tests and then for tick marks. Many people prefer to scratch off an item when it’s done. This isn’t just untidy but makes the whole checklist useless after being used for just one time. That is why it is advised that 2 colored pens be used, one for writing and one for tick marking.

house cleaning checklist

Download your file below.

House Cleaning Checklist Template

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Benefits of using house cleaning checklist:

Key benefits that you can get from this checklist are:

  1. The key purpose of this checklist is to make you focused on the cleaning of the house.
  2. You can provide this checklist to your house cleaners to make them know what you are expecting from them
  3. It will also help the cleaners know if they are meeting your cleaning criteria.
  4. Following this checklist will make every corner of your house shine
  5. Not having a house cleaning checklist makes the person waste a lot of time in cleaning

The house cleaning checklist is available in MS Excel format. You can download it for free. The best feature of this template is that you can customize it according to your needs.

Tips to use cleaning checklist:

  1. Cleaning can be done more effectively if you will focus on every step mentioned in the checklist.
  2. The checklist also reminds the user of all the cleaning supplies needed to clean the house. Use this checklist to keep everything in place so that you can get them instantly whenever you need.
  3. The sequence cleaning tasks are also mentioned in the checklist. That sequence can be followed if you really want to get the desired type of cleaning.
  4. After performing the tasks mentioned in the checklist, check them to show that they have been done

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