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Travel Expense Calculator

Travel expense calculatorTravel expense calculator helps to determine the cost or expense of travel. If you want to travel or move to any place far from you and you don’t know how much would it cost then this travel expense calculator is the right choice for you. You can use this calculator to plan your travel budget too. You can easily find out the expense of taking flight from one city to another, the expense of fuel in case of driving by self.

The travel expense in case you take a train, It will let you know the choice that fits perfect as per your budget. This calculator is a useful tool because it provides you with the rough estimate of your travel expense so you can plan accordingly.



Buy vs. Lease Car Calculator

Buy vs lease car calculatorWhile dealing with a car, there is a big decision whether to buy it or lease it. This can be a very tough decision for a person but the calculator made it very easy.

You can easily use this calculator to figure out that what is best for you. The buy vs. Lease car calculator can calculate the monthly payments and total net cost accurately.

By comparing both monthly payment and net cost, you can decide which choice will be better for you. In order to use this calculator all you have to do is to provide the purchase price, down payment, sales tax rate and investment rate of return to the calculator. It can be a very helpful tool in the field of finance.



Net Present Value Calculator

Net present value calculatorThe Net present value calculator is a device or medium which can be used to calculate or estimate the net present value. The net present value calculation can be very good to analyze the profitability of one’s investment in some company.


  • It takes into account and foresees the future value of dollars’ worth.
  • The Net present value calculator also tells us whether the investor would add value to the company or the investment.
  • It takes into consideration the cost of capital.Disadvantages
  • One major disadvantage is that it requires guesswork regarding the firm’s cost of capital.
  • The net present value calculator is not essential in case of comparing two projects of different size.
  • It results in an answer in dollars.


Mixed Cash Flow Streams Calculator

Mixed cash flow stream calculatorYou can calculate the present value of the future cash flow with the help of mixed cash flow streams calculator. The calculator has several built-in formulas which can be used by a person of finance in order to deal with the cash flow streams. This makes the working and calculation of finance very easy. The calculator contains main unique features which other calculators do not have. This makes the mixed cash flow stream calculator worth using.

The person who wants to use this calculator needs to know the inputs which the calculator requires in order to carry out the calculation operation. These inputs are periods, the rate per period, compounding, payment at the beginning and ending of the period and cash flow.


Mortgage Loan Calculator

Mortgage loan calculatorA mortgage calculator is a very useful tool used by most of the people these days to determine the monthly payments of the mortgage. These calculators require three parameters to be entered in order to perform the calculation. Those three parameters are loan, amount which has been financed and interest rate.

Basically, this calculator is used for personal calculation. For example in a house, a person makes maximum purchases. He is required to know about the total mortgage so that he can know whether the amount is in the range of his affordability or not. For this purpose, he can use the mortgage calculator. What will be the effects of the extra payments can also be foreseen if you able to use this calculator?


Sale Probability Assessment Calculator

Sales probability assessment calculatorSales probability assessment means to determine your company’s future sales opportunities. You can use sales probability assessment calculator for this purpose, it will let you know and manage your sales opportunities. You can calculate chart total and expected revenue value, probabilities of taking risks, probabilities to enhance sales market and the probability of success.

Using this tool you can know about the current situation of the sales market, it shows the deal size and will calculate the expected revenue value. The advantage is that any individual can use it as per his own needs as it is custom based and enables the user to perform calculations as per his requirements. It also shows the weak points and weak area of sales cycle so that one can make improvements accordingly.


Marketing Calculators

Marketing calculatorsMarketing calculators are used for the betterment of your business and you can manage your financial costs, revenues, cash flow, and approximation of the financial suggestions of accepting confidential equity funds. You can get help in measuring the ROI on your marketing campaign and you can decide that how much to spend on your marketing or generate back stable revenue to you. Plus you can manage your marketing budget and make it perfect for coming year.

By using marketing calculators you have to get the idea that how you can get back your revenue with profit. You can evaluate that how much capital you need for getting a proper start in business. With the help of this calculator, you can enter your E-mail file and manage to calculate your E-mail marketing efforts. You can get this idea of the net present value of assets.


Retirement Calculator

Retirement calculatorRetirement is generally regarded as a time when any individual no longer works or is no longer continues employment owing to age factor. Almost all companies and firms have retirement plans for their employees.

Retirement plan calculator is a tool that can help an individual to plan his retirement goals or to move towards a secure retirement time. It can help you to know how much you require to retire and how to save for your retirement. It also calculates how much you will be able to withdraw after retirement and how long your savings can last.

You just need to enter some values and you will get the result accordingly. For example, you can know the amount that you need to retire by just entering the values of your age, your monthly income your life expectancy, your income needed after retirement. It is just that simple!


School Expense Calculator

School expense calculatorThe student budget calculator is designed to give a comfort and evaluate a financial plan as a full-time student. This expense budget calculator is precisely planned to help students realize their expenditures and earnings even though attending a university, college or additional permanent educational organization. This student budget calculator permits for feedback of outlays and returns for an eight-month school year consecutively from September over April.

The function of this online calculator works in this style just like a student loan or debt calculator. It contracts you control the charges of a variety of opportunities for high-quality next to school programs and the summer duration of continuous programs. The calculator’s price approximations, which derive from the most comprehensive study to date on the expenditures of first-rate programs were reorganized in 2015 to replicate both the modification in the overall cost of living nationwide and variations in the comparative budget of living through cities.


Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator

Bathroom remodel costs calculatorThe bathroom model cost calculator has been designed for you if you are planning to remodel your bathroom and researching that how much will it cost to remodel the bathroom. The calculator is so fast that it can give you the result within seconds once you have entered the square footage, a number of bathrooms, quality of trim level, where will you install the titles of the bathroom and what is the location of the bathroom.

The remodeling cost of the bathroom may vary depending on several factors. This calculator can give you very fair results for mid-range and luxury projects. You can also add more features in the calculator depending upon your needs on remodeling the bathroom.


Kitchen Remodel Costs Calculator

Kitchen remodel costs calculatorIt is a long-term estimating tool which helps the people in calculating virtually all the costs which are associated with the kitchen remodeling projects. These projects include both labors and projects. You can calculate the prices for all the new materials in the kitchen such as cabinets, countertops, sinks, walls, floors and other appliances. The prices are also calculated for the basic, middle and high-end kitchen with the help of this calculator.

It is the calculator which is used by most of the people these days. Kitchen remodels cost calculator is the best tool if you want to get the accurate results. It provides the most accurate cost information for installing the kitchen material and remodeling the kitchen completely.


College Loan Calculator

College loan calculatorWith the help of college loan calculator, you can calculate the amount which you need to borrow for college in very easy and few steps. You are just required to provide few values and you will be able to calculate the money. The loan is granted to the students of the college. You can calculate the loan by giving the value of tuition, room and board, fees, the total annual cost to attend and the amount to be paid for books, laptops etc.

The calculator helps the person in calculating the exact amount. It gives the accurate result in very short time. Not only loan to be paid, it also helps in calculating the extra payments which students may have to pay.


Sugar Gram Calculator

Sugar gram calculatorFor checking sugar in grams and set the nutritional facts we use a calculator and examine how many calories we have an intake in one serving of any beverage. Sugar is adding in our every beverage, candy or drinks and also in frozen foods and has many calories in it too.


Sugar gram calculator gives helps you in getting the right amount of sugar.  Once you learn how much sugar you normally consume, you can choose whether or not you should cut the amount of sugar you use. The calculator is same for other different types of sugar like cane sugar, sucrose, corn syrup, honey etc, even if there are dissimilarities in how these sugars are metabolized. With the sugar calculator, you can keep an eye on your servings of sugar and try to avoid it. Sugar is good for bodybuilders it may help them getting more muscles.


Business Model Calculator

new product sale and profit forecating modelFor calculating your business revenue, you use the following business calculator for getting a quick estimate of your profits. The business calculator gives help you in manage your expenses or costs with profit.

Advantages of different business model calculators:

Cash flow calculator gives help you in evaluating those factors which impact your hard cash flow. For this purpose, you make some safe plans which are best for you cash flow.

Investment offering calculator is helping you in checking investment returns on both sides. And also examine that what your company will have to renounce all in one simple investment calculator.

Conversion rate calculator gives an estimation of your online business that the impact of the website has changed on your sale. You can balance your visitors, online orders and see what is improving in change can do.


Year-End Tax Planning Calculator

Tax planning is an exercise undertaken for sake of minimizing tax liability through the best use of all available, deductions, allowances, exclusions, exemptions etc.  The year-end tax planning calculations can save a company from a whole lot of mess.


  • The year-end tax planning calculator is useful for calculating the tax planning for the year end.
  • Tax planning is done so that a company would be ready for tax season and not mess anything up.
  • Through smart year-end tax planning, the accountancy firms can significantly ease the corporation’s tax burden by applying some foresight.
  • Companies can make the routine charitable donations a part of their tax planning since the donations would count as a deduction on their taxes at the end of the year.


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