Employee Absenteeism Tracker

The absenteeism of employees directly affects the productivity of an organization. Therefore, it is essential to track and keep a record of employees’ absence. Companies usually have policies that define the number of days an employee needs to be present, the vacation days, sick days, etc. In addition, the policies of actions, that need to be taken in case employees exceed the allowed absent days, are also devised.

For the compliance of such policies and to maintain productivity, companies need to track absenteeism which is where an employee absenteeism tracker is used.


This tracking tool resolves the issue of keeping the record of each and every individual employee. An employee absenteeism tracking is helpful in ensuring that employees and supervisors can easily review and monitor:

  • The days an employee has been absent
  • The comparison of absenteeism with allowed off-days
  • How many more days are allowed to him in terms of sick leaves, annual off-days, etc?
  • When the employee needs to be present for work
  • Habitual absenteeism can be noticed
  • Whether an employee has utilized all his allowed off-days or not
  • The required actions on payroll due to absenteeism if any
  • To Reward and motivate employees who were present for maximum days

Companies use employee absenteeism tracker templates; they either design it or use available templates such as Excel templates. The templates are customized based on company policies to highlight important information such as employees with a high number of absence days, employees who were present for maximum days, etc. The template for employee absence tracker contains information such as:

  • Details of employees
  • Allowed off-days (different categories such as sick leaves, annual leaves, etc)
  • Number of present days (all categories)
  • Number of absent days (all categories)
  • Duration of absence
  • Wages
  • Wage cuts if any
  • Bonuses if any

The employee absenteeism does not only affect the company’s productivity and success rather it affects the employee as well especially in terms of payroll, warnings, termination, etc.

If the employee is being absent for more than the allowed number of off-days, this habitual and intentional absenteeism needs to be addressed by the company. Companies usually have a policy about cutting a certain percentage of wage for each extra absence.

The employee absenteeism tracker can help in calculating the wage cuts as well as giving bonuses to the employees with good presence. In addition to this, this tracker can even become a liaison between company policy and payroll. For instance, if an employee is being granted an extra off-day without any penalty, this can be added in the tracker to avoid any cuts.

Companies cannot afford employee absenteeism. As the employee absence tracker helps in tracking absences, the correct actions can be taken. For instance, if an employee has habitual absenteeism, he can be counseled and help can be provided for minimizing absences.

In the opposite scenario, an employee who is remaining present may be rewarded with bonuses, etc. Therefore, the employee tracking tool is very important as well as critical to companies for managing their employees’ absenteeism as well as their own productivity.

employee absence schedule template



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