Vehicle Kilometer Log Template

Whether you want to buy a used car or sell one, you will have to see the vehicle log in order to check the total mileage. The log is also required when you have used the vehicle for professional purpose and now want all the expenses to be reimbursed.

Keeping a record of the mileage is very useful since it enables the car owner to claim maximum amount. Recording vehicle mileage is not needed when you use the vehicle for personal. But, if your car is for business use, then you should prepare a log.


What is vehicle kilometers log?

No matter you have a single car or multiple vehicles, you can prepare the log for each vehicle individually.

Vehicle kilometer log is a document which is used to keep the record of total kilometers covered by the vehicle. With the help of this log, one can easily calculate the total cost of the business trip.

It is a very beneficial document for all those people who use the vehicle for business purpose. Even in personal life, you can prepare a log that will help you plan your personal budget.

Moreover, the maintenance of the vehicle is also possible when you keep track of total kilometers traveled by a vehicle in a specific time.

How to make vehicle kilometers log?

Kilometers log of the vehicle can be prepared in different file formats, however; MS Excel is the most suitable software for it.

Add the title of the log at the top of the log. Write fundamental details of the vehicle such as the model number; the make number, registration number, name of the vehicle owner etc.

Make a separate column for adding date. In this column, the date of every reading will be entered. Make another column for entering the description of each trip such as source and destination details, the distance between the source and destination, purpose of the trip etc.

In the next two columns, note the starting and ending readings of the odometer. In order to calculate the total kilometers covered by the vehicle, you can calculate the difference between the starting and ending readings of the odometer. Add another column and note the result of the calculation.

You can calculate vehicle kilometers log on the weekly or monthly basis. It should be ensured that you provide all the necessary details in the log to make it useful for you at the later stage.

Vehicle kilometer log template:

It can be very tricky sometimes to maintain a log especially when you have a lot of details to enter. With the use of log template, you simplify the process of maintaining the log.

The template contains all the essential details required by the user to prepare a comprehensive log.

The user who wants to save his time that he might waste in making a log from scratch can use the vehicle kilometer log template. The template can be downloaded free of cost and it does not require expertise in order to use it.


Vehicle kilometers log


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Vehicle kilometers log template


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