Vehicle Mileage Journal Template

Vehicle mileage journal is a useful document to be used for the personal and professional purpose. With the help of this journal, a user can easily keep track of all the information related to a vehicle. For example, the date of tracking the mileage, destination details, odometer readings, a summary of all the past expenses and a lot more.

No matter you want to calculate weekly vehicle expenses or monthly, the vehicle mileage journal will always provide you with the complete assistance.


The main purpose of the vehicle journal is to provide you with enough space where you can input the details of all the trips in a month or a week. The journal can also be extended depending on the needs of the user

The journal is different from the log as it provides more comprehensive details about the vehicle mileage.

There are different sections in the journal and each section records the mileage for each month. The annual summary of the mileage can also be seen in the journal.

Moreover, the details about the servicing provided to the vehicle as well as spare parts that have been replaced are also added to the journal.

The journal is basically designed for every businessman no matter they are large corporate owners or a small business manager

In order to make sure that all the readings in the journal are accurate, there is a complete support of summary of mileage. The previous summary enables the user to incorporate the previous mileage readings in the current one to get the best and accurate result.

Apart from miles, the journal also records the vehicle fuel details such as total gasoline and diesel consumption, oil changing details, repairing expenses etc.

This journal is very effective for all those people who want to calculate the total expenses they face each month by the vehicle

Vehicle mileage journal template:

A template for vehicle mileage journal is a very handy tool for all the users of mileage log who need properly designed sheet in which they can easily input details related to mileage without having to think about the format and structure of the sheet to be used.

The user using the journal is not required to think about the details that are needed to be entered in the vehicle mileage journal.

The journal template provides a sheet with comprehensive details regarding the total mileage of the vehicle.

If the user sends this journal to his employer for reimbursement, the employer will get all the details about the mileage and other expenses and will reimburse the expenses.

Generally, people use different types of sheets for entering the details about the vehicle apart from mileage as they use a separate mileage log for mileage tracking.

The benefit of using this template is that it provides all the details in one document. The user is not required to make separate sheets for noting different details of the vehicle such as repair services etc. You can download the template free of cost and save your time.


Vehicle mileage journal template


Vehicle Mileage Journal Template

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