Problem Analysis Template

Problem analysis defines the way a problem is identified and eradicate. A problem analysis can be made using different techniques. One of the techniques is to use a graph. A graph helps identify the flaws with better visual representation. Usually, a Pareto chart is used if we are working in MS Excel.

Problem analysis with Pareto chart

Pareto chart is identified by a bar graph. Through lengths of the bars we can symbolize frequency or cost or in other words represents time or money. The longest bars show on the left side and the shortest to the right. By this, the chart visually illustrates which states of affairs are more important.

Pareto Analysis is a numerical method in controlling used for the assortment of a restricted number of responsibilities that produce the important complete effect. Basically, it works on the Pareto Principle which is generally recognized as the 80/20 rule, according to from this idea that by performing 20% of the work you can produce 80% of the advantage of doing the total job.

Use of Pareto Chart:

  • As soon as considering data about the frequency problems in a process.
  • Once there are a lot of issues and you need to focus on the most noteworthy things.
  • While considering extensive reasons by looking at their precise constituents
  • When interconnecting with others in case of your data.

Pareto Chart Process

  • Select what types of classifications you will use to group objects.
  • Choose what kind of dimension is suitable. Common measurements are quantity, frequency, time and cost.
  • Select the exact time duration for completion of the Pareto chart like one work sequence, a whole day or one week.
  • Save the data, recording the grouping every time.
  • Summation of the measurements for all categories
  • The dimensions which you have collected define them on a proper scale.
  • Marks and tag bar for each category.
  • Determine the percentage of each category.
  • Evaluate and draw growing amounts.


Problem analysis template

Problem Analysis Template

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