Vehicle Mileage Log book

Vehicle Mileage Log Book

A vehicle log book is used to keep a record of the number of miles traveled by a vehicle by a certain amount of fuel within a specific time period. The record book is usually carried and maintained by the workers who frequently go for office tours and uses their own car and expenses. All the expenses are noted down and later claimed from the company.

A vehicle log book is vital for tax substantiation for the workers who take their car for official work. A vehicle log book is required:


An employee uses this maintained log book to claim a deduction of work-related car expenses from the organization.


This is used when the employer asks the employee to maintain a proper vehicle log book for fringe benefits tax.

Structure of vehicle logbook:

A typical vehicle logbook consists of the following information:

  • Name of the company.
  • Name of driver and number plate of vehicle used for the trip.
  • Date and destination of the trip.
  • Purpose of the trip.
  • Odometer reading (start reading- end reading)
  • The number of kilometers traveled.
  • The total number of kilometers traveled for some time period.
  • Signatures

What are the basic requirements of a valid vehicle log book?

For keeping a record of mileages traveled and maintaining a log book for making claims or income tax, the employee shall make sure that:

  • A vehicle log book is valid for only five years.
  • The vehicle log book must keep the odometer record for estimating the number of miles traveled for the official purpose during a year.
  • The logbook must show the business travel of the vehicle, by writing down the destination and purpose of travel.
  • For income tax, if an employee uses more than one car for official trips, then the logbook of each car must cover the same time period.

A vehicle log book can be simply maintained by keeping a register in your vehicle which is used for official trips so that no data is missed out. If you want an advanced system for that a vehicle log book template can be easily downloaded from any good website, which is time efficient and user-friendly.

Thus a vehicle log book acts as a proof of ownership and satisfaction to the driver of the car.

Mileage log books & MS Excel sheets

The best way to note down the miles that are used for each trip can be done easily with a vehicle mileage log book. It helps you in keeping the record of the miles driven in each of the trips you have made. There are various types and many distinct ways to keep them so that you can use them and have a note of all the miles that you have driven so far. This helps you maintain the expense on fuel and manage it whenever it is necessary for you to do so.

Depending upon your need, you can customize your vehicle mileage log book as per your use and then add in the miles whenever you have the next trip due. The advantages of such a vehicle log book are many as they help you get the record of your mileage and the fuel in an easy way. There are various templates for such log book available on the internet. You can download some and make your vehicle mileage log book easily. This way you will have a track on the money that you are spending on your fuel every month and you will be able to save on that if needed.

It will also help you in maintaining your car as you will know how much the car has been driven and when is the next servicing due.

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Vehicle Mileage Log Book

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