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Business travels are unavoidable these days, as with the growth of communication and technology more and more people are interacting each other to buy or sell products and services, within the nation or on the international level.

The Internet has made the contact easier and each and everything can be shared via computers. For further progress, businessmen send their designated employee to out of the city or international partner or client to settle business issues.


This travel includes business dealings, attending seminar or workshops or simple for a cheerful meeting. In every case, the person who is selected for the travel has to bear some expenses and for this, he needs some cash from the business travel budget.

As it is an official tour, therefore, everything is preceded in an organized manner, likewise, the employee has to fill in a form requesting for advance payments needed for the travel.

Although the amount is fixed and the employee is aware of it but for the formal practice, he has to write in words that he needs this sum of money for the traveling expenditure.

This advance covers the fuel charges, boarding lodging facilities, transport at the destination and the airfare.

Travel advance refers to the total amount of money which is paid to an employee by the company for his travel for official work. The amount is usually paid prior to business travel and in anticipation of the trip. An employee can fill a travel advance request form to get the payment.

Travel advance includes payments for:

  • Meals
  • Transport
  • Lodging
  • Any incident if happens ( only a few companies pay for this)

Travel advances are usually paid before the trip. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Cash is given to the traveler.
  2. Non-cash paid to vendors hired by the companies for the trip on behalf of employees.

The use of the credit cards has decreased the popularity of travel advance, as an employee makes his official trip on his expenses, and claims it later from the company. But still the benefits of travel advance cannot be neglected and most companies offer this perk to its workers.

The amount of travel advance varies from company to company and it depends upon the purpose and duration of travel by the worker. The travel advance can be paid for both national and international trips on behalf of the company. If the individual travels to a foreign country, he is supposed to be paid according to that country’s currency.

A travel advance request form shows the following:

  • Name of an employee
  • Designation of an employee in the company and his employee id
  • Nature of visit/travel
  • Date of departure and date of return
  • Employee account number
  • The expense of each subject like meals, lodging, travel, fuel, and others
  • Total advance requested
  • Signatures
  • All receipts (food bills, parking bills, Telephone bills, fuel charges etc) must be attached.

The settlement of the form varies from one organization to another. Most companies pay the total expenses for official travel within fifteen working days. Usually, it is recommended to fill and submit travel advance request form two weeks before going on an official trip so that the form can be accessed and approved by the finance department. Complete, print and sign the form! This is as simple as that.

The travel advance request form encourages the employees to work and go out for official trips especially those who are sort with extra money for official trips.

About template

To write a travel advance request some technical vocabularies and format are applied, therefore software has designed free online templates for travel advance request form which eases both employer and the traveling employee. These forms are present with fully customizable options and easily downloaded to fill–in the specific travel advance request.

Travel advance request form

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Travel Advance Request Form

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