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There are a number of purposes for which different people visit your office. Regardless of the type of business you run, you will always have to deal with a number of people ranging from suppliers to buyers. For security purpose or any other, it is sometimes important for you to record the attendance of the people visiting your office. Office visitor form is used for this purpose.

What is an office visitor log?

Office visitor form is a document which is a type of attendance sheet where the date and time of every visit are entered. The purpose of using this sheet is to ensure that only authenticated people are allowed to visit. It is usually prepared in Microsoft Excel format. However, you can also prepare it in Microsoft word.


There are many benefits of using the office visit log. This form collects all the information about the visitors and lets you know who is visiting the office and what the purpose of that visit is. Office visitor form is a very effective tool when it comes to recording the details about the visitors.

These forms are very effective to be used when you want to analyze some important details about your business. Some businesses also use this form to evaluate the health of the business as in most of the cases the number of visitors coming to your office can be checked in order to estimate the revenue.

What are the details of the form?

The main details that are added to the visitor’s log are:

  1. The date of each visit
  2. Name of the visitor
  3. Purpose of visiting
  4. Time of entering the office
  5. Signatures at entering
  6. Time of leaving the office
  7. Signatures at leaving

The reason for mentioning the time is to let the office management acknowledge the visitor.

You can make the visitor sheet very easily if you know about the details to be added and the format. There is no specific format to be followed as every company has its own format.


Office visitor log template


Office Visitor Log Template

Download File Format: Excel [.xlsx]


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