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Purchase Request Form

A purchase request form is an internal official document that a company releases to initiate the purchase of a product needed. The form defines the need for a good or a service for the operation of a company.

The request form is filled and submitted by an employee of a company to make a request for the purchase of a certain item. The employee tells about the product and why he needs it. The purchase request form is then sent to the purchasing department for its approval.


If an employee needs a new computer for his official work, he obtains a purchase request form from the department and describes the need for the item and why he wants it. Furthermore, the specifications of the laptop are also mentioned. When the supervisor signs the form, it is then sent to the IT department, so that the compatibility of the laptop mentioned is matched with the official needs. On approval from here, the form is finally sent to the purchasing department, which issues a purchase order to the vendor.

Purchase orders

You can create and manage your purchase orders and purchase request forms without investing money in an expensive system by using the purchase request form template.

Now you can easily create a customized purchase request form for your business. You have also got the opportunity to display the information in the way you want it to be displayed without putting any extra effort. There are also some purchase forms on the internet with the capability of auto-filling. If you have already a database with the information you can simply link that database to this form and can use it easily.

Easily defined calculations can be performed on it such as calculating tax, or projected budget. You can perform multiple calculations on one row or one calculation on multiple rows in order to get your task done quickly.

Structure of a purchase request form:

A purchase request form consists of the following information:

  • Date
  • Requested by
  • Account details of the buyer
  • Name of vendor and all detailed information
  • Description of items
  • Stock number
  • Quantity ordered
  • Price of each unit
  • Total costs
  • Other terms and conditions are mentioned to avoid any confusion

Availability of the form

A purchase request form can usually be collected from a company or any of its franchise. One has to fill the form for the desired product and submit it. For much convenience, the companies are now shifting towards online purchase request form. The employee can easily get it from the company’s official website without any hassle and costs. The form can be filled online and submitted on the spot. For any confusions and guidance, an individual can contact the customer services department of the business.

Advantages of a purchase request form:

These are the following advantages of a purchase request form:

  • The form makes sure that no fraud is done by an employee to the company by showing false needs. The form is sent to various departments for verifications before it goes to the purchasing department for order.
  • This minimizes overspending on expensive items if the need of a company can be fulfilled by a less costly item.

Excel Worksheets

You can also take out the calculated information from these forms and can save them to your database to make your database more comprehensive. Staff members who make the requests and those supervisors who can grant the approvals can indicate their identity in the form.

We can say that this electronic form can speed up your process of requisition and can help your business in a number of ways. It eliminates the errors which could have been produced in the sheet if it was created manually and it also saves a lot of time. The people can use it for their own ease and comfort and they can also use it in multiple businesses by just editing the data.


purchase request form

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