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An organization is known by two of its things, one by the tangible entities that it holds and the intangible entities that it has. Both of these are important and the tangible entities include the building in which it conducts its daily businesses.

The building in which an organization conducts its business should be in tip-top shape and for that continuous maintenance should be done. This maintenance is in the hands of various maintenance companies that make sure that the building is in tip-top shape. For this, these companies have a Building maintenance checklist which helps them in guiding them as to what needs to maintained and what aspect of the building needs the most attention.


Maintenance is generally defined as the work done on regular basis to keep things in working condition for a longer period of time. By building maintenance, we mean that the condition of a building is upgraded and improvements are made by the owner according to his budget.

Small defects, when gathered together, can be more hazardous and fatal at times. So it is important to take a notice of all these as soon as possible through visible symptoms. If not rectified on time these defects need more money and more time in future.

Building maintenance checklist is a tool, to keep a building updated according to latest techniques and fashion. It is also used for making a building safe to live or work.

Along with the collection of rent, the look after and proper maintenance i.e. upgrading, and repair is one of the major responsibilities of the owner of the building.

The residents of the building expect a lot for the rent they pay, and they leave easily if their expectations are not met. Even for the owner of a home, building maintenance is an important practice, if he wants to give a good quality of life to his family.

But maintenance and repair is a complex process, that’s why the owner of a house or a building usually hires maintenance services provider company, which are expert in the field.

The maintenance of a building is very important and its positive advantages cannot be neglected:

  • The service provider is responsible for all the regular checks of the building according to the checklist.
  • The list highlights which area of the building needs to be modified.
  • Installing and Updating the safety alarms according to the building maintenance checklist can make the building safe.
  • The tool makes it easy to meet with the contractors on regular basis to review and check the work done by modifying the building.
  • It maintains an up-to-date file showing the names and contact numbers of all the maintenance contractors.
  • The building maintenance checklist helps in calculating the estimated budget associated with repair and replacement.

The building maintenance checklist includes:

  • Electrical maintenance.
  • Cooling and heating maintenance.
  • Paint and whitewashing of walls.
  • Changes in infrastructure.
  • Kitchen or rooms remodeling.
  • Sanitary improvements.
  • Installation of fire alarms and sprinkler system.
  • Expansion of car parking.
  • Wiring and lightening.

The checklist (template)

This checklist helps these companies in delivering high-quality service. This checklist can be divided into various aspects such as the various parts of the building or into various floors. It is up to the company whether or not do they want to have separate checklists for various floors but mostly they have one master building maintenance checklist.

This checklist has various aspects such as cleaning, repairing and restocking and according to this the company works and the building is maintained.

One should be careful when making the building maintenance checklist so that each and every aspect is covered. The Building maintenance checklist should be organized and should be neat and clean so using it, again and again, is easy. The aspects shouldn’t be cut off but separate tables are made for tick marking.

Building maintenance checklist

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Building maintenance checklist template

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