Material Requisition Form

In a company, if some department needs some goods, they usually need to request these from the boss or some requisition department. A requisition form tends to be a request for goods and services that an employee makes to a person or department within a company which is responsible for purchasing.

What is a Material Requisition Form?

A material requisition form tends to be a source document which the production department employs to request certain materials needed for the manufacturing process. It is the production manager that often fills out the form and sends it to the appointed materials or storage department. This is where all raw materials are stored.


If you need to create a material requisition form, you can consider the below points:

  • Microsoft Excel– Due to the fact that this is a professional format it needs to be made in an application like Microsoft Excel.
  • Heading– The form needs to have a heading like “Material Requisition Form.”
  • Name of the organization– On the form has a logo or name of the organization involved. This is so that it is known what company the form is for.
  • Vendor Information– This needs to be stated clearly. Here includes the name, address, city, phone, fax, zip code, etc. of the vendor. These details are necessary.
  • Date– The date needs to be given so that it is known when the form is for.
  • Requisition number– This should be stated as well.
  • Requested by– A slot for this needs to be present.
  • Account code– You may need to have a slot for this as well.
  • Table– A table can then be created which helps tell what has been requested. With a table it is clear to read what is needed and these items can be written easily with this. In this table state the quantity, unit of measure, item number, description, unit price, and total. It is necessary to write precisely in the description so that it is known what the material is needed for. The requisitioning department must know why you are ordering the material. This form may also be made in Microsoft Excel where clear calculations can occur.

Advantages of a Material Requisition Form:

The advantages of a material requisition form are the following:

  • It is a professional format that is an easy way for a department in a company to request the materials that they need.
  • It allows employees to easily and precisely request any materials that they need and for what purposes.
  • Can be kept by the company as proof when auditing occurs of what materials were used where.

A material requisition form is an important form that a company has. It needs to be made in a way that it can be easily filled in by whoever needs to fill it. Therefore, it should be made in this way. A table is a helpful thing that can make this form simple to fill. Consider the above points when you need to make this form.


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