Transportation Log Template

What is transportation log?

A transportation log is used for drivers for different purposes. In general, the transportation company uses this log to keep track of people traveling in different vehicles of the transportation company.

A transportation company uses transports goods or people. When a log is used, the company ensures that the transportation services of every driver and vehicle are kept under surveillance. If you create a log for your company, you can add as much information as you want.


When to use a transportation log?

When there are many vehicles operated by the transportation company and it wants to monitor every vehicle and whatever it is transporting, the log can be used. For example, in many states, schools use the transportation log for all the vans and buses that provide pick and drop services to hundreds of students each day. The transportation log monitors the number of students traveling on each bus, the name of the driver, the timing of picking and dropping every student, and much more.

Benefits of the transportation log

Since many transport companies use this log, one should be cognizant of the advantages one can reap using this log. Here are a few benefits:

  1. It helps monitor vehicles: When there are two or more vehicles transporting goods or people, the log can be used to monitor each of them. In the case of goods, the transport company can easily keep track of which vehicle is taking the products in question. Furthermore, the details of the route of that vehicle, the timing of the vehicle, and lots of other details are monitored. If any vehicle loses its track or transports goods to a wrong destination, the log can easily point it out and help the user take necessary actions.
  2. It helps the entire transportation system stay organized: The organization is very important in every system. It is very tedious for many companies to organize multiple vehicles at a time. The log makes the organization of every vehicle in the system possible. The timing of every vehicle is monitored and then the source and destination are also known. In case of an accident, details can be obtained easily through the log.
  3. It ensures safety: When a transport company sends the goods of worth million Dollars via different vehicles trusting drivers, the company often fears that the driver might run away with these goods. A log used for vehicles makes it possible for a company to monitor and ensure the protection of the goods being transported. This log also lets the drivers know where they are supposed to transport goods.

What information is provided by the transportation log?

The main information that is covered by this log is:

  1. Current date
  2. The location from where the vehicle is departs
  3. Time of departure
  4. Destination
  5. Location of arrival
  6. Arrival time
  7. Number of vehicles
  8. Name of driver

How to create the transportation log?

If you are in the need to use the transportation log, you can either download the template providing the readymade log or create a unique log meeting your needs. The template can also be used to create the log by looking at the format it provides.

Here are the instructions that you can follow for creating the transportation log:

  1. Add introductory details: Mention the name of the company, title of the log, name of the driver at the top of the log. You can also add the logo of the company and some other details for making the log unique.
  2. Add details of items being transported: In case the vehicle is transporting goods, enlist the items being transported. The list should be made thoroughly. However, it should be considered which details should be mentioned since not all details are worth mentioning
  3. Add details of transport
    i. Name of the person transporting goods and the person who will receive them at the receiving end
    ii. Mention the odometer reading of the truck or bus in the log.
    iii. Mention the departure and arrival time of the truck in the log
    iv. Mention the names of source and destination of the truck
  4. Add a comment section: There is a section at the end of the transport log where comments on the drivers are taken. This section is not compulsory. It can be added or omitted according to the personal choice of the driver. Signatures of other staffers also added to the log.
  5. Collect signatures of the drivers and other staff members: This log is used by the person responsible for transporting goods. However, some companies also give this log to the truck drivers who fill the form before departing and at the arrival. At the end of the log, the signatures of the drivers are also collected. Also, mention the date of signing off.


Transportation Log Template for Excel
Transportation Log Template for Excel

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