Dispatcher Logbook Template

Dispatching is a process in which a company allocates different employees and vehicles for performing the services of customers. This process is widespread in companies that provide courier services, taxicab services, electricians, and much more.

What is a dispatcher log?

Dispatcher log is used by companies that provide dispatching services. This logbook is a useful document because it is used to keep track of all the products and services that are dispatched.


This log is usually given to the dispatcher who uses it to keep details in the record. The job of the dispatcher is to schedule the movements of the freight, contacting customers, drivers, and everyone relevant to the work of dispatching.

Dispatcher logbook template
Dispatcher logbook template

What is the importance of the log used for dispatching?

A dispatcher is responsible for making sure that all the products and services are dispatched to targeted destinations accurately. For this purpose, a log is used. Many times, a company has a multitude of items and services to dispatch. The dispatch is usually done as soon as the customer finishes placing the order. A company needs to ensure that all those items and services that are supposed to be dispatched are sent off on a given day

What are the benefits of the dispatcher log?

Just like any other log, this log is also conducive to keeping tabs on the dispatch work. When a customer places an order, the company dealing with the order has to promptly respond to that order to meet the satisfaction level of the customer. Therefore, the company ensures that the items are dispatched as soon as the customer shows his interest in buying them. We are going to discuss some of the key benefits of this log:

  1. The information about the items that have been dispatched is given in this log. This information enables the company to monitor the products after dispatching. The estimated time for an item to reach the destination after being dispatched is known by the seller. The log helps him know how quickly the freight is delivering items.
  2. Since the dispatching log tells about the items sent off to relevant people, the company comes to know which item has been shipped to whom. The company also keeps contacting the customer to give updates about the items being shipped. Therefore, the customer stays on the ball in terms of getting dispatching information.
  3. The log also provides details about the shipment such as tracking number and much more. This information is shared with customers so that they can keep themselves informed about the items they have ordered.
  4. The dispatcher log tells the company to inform about the dispatch. Customers need to know as to when the items they have ordered are dispatched. This prepares them for receiving the item.
  5. The performance of the cargo or courier company can be seen through this blog as it calculates the time between dispatch and delivery of the items.

What information does a journal for dispatch contain?

The basic information collected includes:

  1. Details of the item being dispatched: This is the main part of the log since it circulates the item that is going to be shipped. Therefore, all the details are provided in this section such as the name of the product, total weight, the destination of the item, etc.
  2. Dispatch details: In this section, the timing and the date of the dispatch are included. Adding this information helps a company determine the estimated time of delivery.
  3. Total price: If a seller has sold the item through the shipment, he should mention the price of the item in the log.
  4. Details of courier services: The courier company that is responsible for delivering the items once they have been dispatched is mentioned in the log. The company sending the items away knows what to expect from the courier company in terms of delivering the product after dispatch.

Dispatch log template:

A dispatch log template is the best tool to be used when you need to prepare a complete sheet for recording the dispatch details in no time. This template has a professional-looking dispatch log that is capable of collecting all the information concerning the dispatch of a product.

The template contains many empty fields to be filled. Those people, who don’t know how to use the dispatch log can simply download the template, fill in the empty spaces, and keep track of the dispatch.

When the person asks them about the items they have ordered, the seller can have a look at the dispatch log template and tell them when and how the item has been dispatched. This log also helps the seller determine when the customer can expect to receive the item he has dispatched.