Transport Bill Templates

From ancient times, the means of transport has changed and evolution in terms of means of transport has happened. Airplane, bus, train, etc. are some common means of transport in the contemporary world. The importance of transport is no doubt a vital aspect in any country. Different means of transportation help people reach their destination in a few hours rather than the two to three days. There is also public transport such as bullet trains, buses, etc. which have daily fixed routes to take people to their required stop. Hence a transport invoice is of utmost importance to the person traveling.

What is the transport invoice?

A transport invoice is a bill given by the transportation company to the traveler using their transport. It is necessary for both the transportation company as well as the traveler as it ensures a proper record of when the transport has been used by the customer as well as also ensures the amount of money charged for it.


A transport bill template is a handy tool that is used by most of the transport companies to prepare their transport bill. This bill template is available at most of the places in the format of MS Excel. The main purpose of using this template is to help yourself in creating a transport bill for your business that suits its needs.

You can also prepare this template in MS word. However, it is more beneficial to prepare it in MS Excel since it provides you more flexibility in editing the template. Another benefit is that MS Excel has a number of pre-defined formulas.

The user does not have to use his formulas to do calculations. You can create a strong and professional-looking transport bill for your business and can also manage the details about the clients, money paid by them, and a lot more.

A transport company basically provides facilities related to transportation to its clients. The trips of all the clients are billed and issued to them. These companies find the transport bill template to be very useful since it has been formatted in such a way that it easily becomes suitable for their business.

What are the main details added to the transport bill template?

There are five basic details that are added to five basic columns in this template. These five details are the date of issuing the transport bill, the code of the bill which is unique every time, the details about the passenger, the description of fare to be taken from passenger and a lot more.

This template is different from other templates since it does not deal with the buying or selling a business. It does not include information about different products. It simply includes the fair to be paid by its clients and the subtotal.

The transport bill template is very suitable to be used because it provides the user with the flexibility with which he can customize it. The fields given in the template can be added or removed according to the needs of the user.


Transport bill template

The template

Format: MS Excel 2007/2007+ [.xlsx]

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The transport bill is used by those small enterprises which provide transportation facility to the people or group of people. The transportation can be daily travel, out-of-station travel, official trips of schools and colleges, and business trips. The bill sums up the charges based on the travel description. The description is based on one-way travel and returns travel. The total amount is charged upon these descriptions as mentioned before. The bill is sent to the customer’s location along with the due date, customer’s ID, customer’s address, and the company’s address. The transport bill makes the payments quite easier for both the sender and the receiver.

What type of information is mentioned on the transport invoice?

Information regarding the company providing transport is mentioned which is followed by the name of the person availing the transport service. The next point to be mentioned is the places from which one has departed to the place where one has reached.

Next is the price mentioned for the service charged.  In some cases, if a parcel is to be sent to another place, transportation services are availed in the case. The weight of the parcel is also mentioned on the invoice. If the parcel is to be sent overseas then shipping charges are added. Some companies add GST in the total. Hence a subtotal is written at the end which is to be paid by the customer. The name, address, and contact number of both the sender and receiver are also mentioned so that they can be immediately contacted in case of any inconvenience.


The transport service invoice is of great significance as it helps in doing tasks in an efficient way and without any delay. It helps in sending useful items from one place to another as well as traveling in a more comfortable way.