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Bonding with others is essential and for that purpose, many people resort to dining out so that they can meet with acquaintances and enjoy scrumptious meals in a great ambiance. Moreover in today’s times dining out has become a trend more than an opportunity to unwind from the hustle bustle of daily life. An important aspect of dining out is the choice of selecting a restaurant that fits one’s budget along with providing great food. In order to reflect upon how much money has been spent on devouring the meal, a restaurant service invoice is given.

What is a restaurant service invoice?

A restaurant service invoice is the enlistment of all the meals eaten by a customer along with the prices mentioned along with the service provided by the restaurant in serving the food to the valuable customers. Being kind and courteous, providing the exact same meal as is asked by the customer, listening to customer’s requirements, making the payment process simple, asking for customers feedbacks are all constituents of restaurant services.


Restaurant bill is a formal document which is used by every restaurant. If you are dining in the restaurant, you will surely see a bill that you are liable to pay. This bill is actually a formal way in which the restaurant asks you to pay them for the services provided it has provided

Restaurant bill is very purposeful as it describes the calculated amount of money the customer has to pay. The bill includes the number of dishes the customer ordered and the price of each dish. The total number of servings is also mentioned in the bill.

The main purpose of using the restaurant bill is not only to get the payment but also to keep track of all the orders as well as the facilities that have been provided to the customer. The total profit earned by the restaurant is also seen with the help of a restaurant bill.

If you are running a restaurant and you want the billing system to be smooth and professional looking at the same time, it is high time you got complete information about the format of the restaurant bill.

There can be many formats available on the internet. Not all the formats are suitable to be used specifically for your business. It is important for you to know which format will be appropriate for your business.

Restaurant bill format:

  1. The bill includes the name of the restaurant at the top. The complete address of the restaurant should also be mentio6ned in the bill.
  2. The date of issuing the bill should be mentioned in the bill
  3. Name of customer and the services rendered by him should be listed in the restaurant bill. The price of each service should be written in front of the name of the service.
  4. It is important to make an itemized list of all the services, quantity and the price, unit price etc.
  5. The total bill the customer has to pay should also be written after summing all the item’s prices

It is better to calculate the bill carefully in order to avoid any type of dispute.


Restaurant bill template


The template

Format: MS Excel [.xlsx]

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The restaurant bill is used by the restaurants to receive the bills from the customers. The bills are given to customers with warmth and thanking note. The bill is like shooting fish in a barrel. The waiters go to the customers to receive the charges by providing the bill once they are done. The bill counts the number of food items ordered along with their quantity and charges.

What is a restaurant service invoice composed of?

Price of ordered items such as appetizers, main course, desserts, and drinks is mentioned.
Along with all these GST and service taxes are added. Total amount payable is mentioned at the end of the restaurant service invoice.

What is the importance of a restaurant service invoice?

A restaurant service invoice is given to the customer after they are done with their meal to ask for the payment of the meal in a polite way and decorum of the restaurant is maintained. Payment is allowed in cash or debit cards, it depends upon the customer.

In some restaurants, after the bill is paid it is stamped as paid to ensure the completion of payment by the customer. The invoice then stays with the customer so that he can ponder upon how much money has been spent by him/her on his meal and can maintain his budget.


A restaurant service invoice is an integral part of a restaurant service as by providing the invoice the restaurant claims to have charged the exact same prices as mentioned in the menu and helps the customer to keep his budget in check and balance.

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