Stationery Bill Templates

Words hold great importance no matter whether they are written or spoken but written words hold another type of importance. A note of appreciation written by the teacher can make someone’s day and similarly a suspension letter written by a principal to the parents of a student can shatter one’s dreams in a minute. Hence a pen has a significance which is unmatchable as it can destroy someone’s life in a nanosecond as is done by a judge after he makes a decision of hanging a criminal and destroys the nib of the pen so that his decision can’t be undone. All this indicates that stationery items such as pen, pencil, and eraser are of great use.

What is a stationery invoice?

A stationery invoice is a bill provided to the customer who purchases the stationery items which include pens, papers, pencils, erasers, files, charts, inks, calculators etc. All these items are of great importance as they are needed in bulk not only in schools but also in offices, business, and other workplaces.  All these items are essential as they are the basic staples of any workplace.


Stationery bill is issued by a shopkeeper of a stationery shop or a manufacturer of the stationery items that sells these items in bulk. The bill is created to demand the payment. Another purpose of making this bill is to let the other party know the amount of money it must pay.

A stationery bill is created, and a copy of a bill is sent to the buyer. The buyer sees the amount he must pay and make the payment.

Benefits of the stationery bill:

Here are the key benefits of using stationery bill:

  1. The stationery bill makes it possible for a company to make the cash flow occur smoothly. The cash flow between the company and its customer becomes easier when the company issues the bill to its customer and the customers know what exactly they should pay.
  2. The stationery billing system is more beneficial for a small business. There are many alternatives to the bills which are very expensive and require special skills to work with. The stationery bill is very easy to use document and it is also very economical.
  3. The stationery bills take control of all the details that you input in it. So, when something goes wrong in the system, this bill immediately informs the user about it.
  4. The stationery bills are usually prepared on daily basis. All the bills are evaluated at the end of the month to see the total revenue and profit. These bills are very important to see the progress of the company.

The stationery bill template contains all those fields that get the maximum details from the user to prepare a professional looking document. There are many people who are in need to use the stationery bill but don’t know how to make one.

For such people, the stationery bill template is a very handy tool that provides them a readymade stationery bill. They can print in the MS Word or PDF format. Once they download it, it can be used multiple times.


Stationery Bill Template


The template

Format: MS Excel [.xlsx]

[Restricted use]


This billing template is being issued by the stationery companies to their customers. These customers can be any educational institutions and offices. The invoice makes it easier for the buyer and seller to complete the payments on time. The bill is uncomplicated to utilize and send to the customers. The bill firstly holds the customer ID, invoice date and number, due and delivery date. The invoice sums up the number of items ordered, description, the price of the single item, unit price, discount, sub-total, grand total, and sales tax. Further changes are applicable according to the need.

The ease of technology has made it very comfortable to avail many services at doorsteps. Many times, different workplaces need little office accessories on an urgent basis. These urgent orders are hosted by different online stationery companies. The receiver company places the order. And, the order is delivered urgently along with the invoice. The invoice details the number of items with the quantity and rate per single item. The invoice is a very suitable tool to get timely payments. The tax rates are also applied.

What type of information is present on a stationery invoice?

A stationery invoice contains the name and address of the shop or company from which stationery has been bought. Next is the list of all the items purchased along with the quantity mentioned of each object. The price of each item is mentioned side by side. A subtotal is written at the end. In case if stationery is ordered through overseas then the shipping charges are also added in the subtotal. The contact number of the business selling stationery items is also mentioned on the invoice so that the buyer can contact again if one needs more items.


Hence a stationery invoice should be provided to the customer so that a record is kept by the company as to how much money is spent on buying all the items. Most of the companies, school, businesses etc. buying stationery have set a budget for these items so having a bill aids in keeping the budget in check.