Service Bill/Invoice Templates

Service bill template is software that has been primarily designed for all service providers. This software documents all the service details and the charges of each service. There are different designs in service bill/invoice template.

If the service providers charges on an hourly basis, the hourly rates are described in the service bill template. The service invoice template is for all those people who run a business by selling and buying different products.


What are the key elements of the service bill template?

  1. The name of the company and its complete address along with contact details are included in the template. It also includes a specific area when you put the logo of the company.
  2. Date of creating the bill, the unique number of the bill and the customer ID are mentioned in the template.
  3. It also includes the name of the company to whom you are billing to and its contact details etc.
  4. Description of all the services provided by the service provider and rates of each service are also listed in the template.
  5. There is a separate place in the template where you can add the comment. The comment can be about the validity of the bill or the date or payment of the bill.
  6. The amount of subtotal, tax rate and the total amount to be paid are also mentioned in the template.

Service bill template benefits:

If you are in need to prepare a professional looking service bill for your business, service bill template is for you. This template is a very handy tool that makes it easier for businesses in the billing process.

This template also acts as a demand letter where you demand the money in exchange for services you have provided. This template is considered very convenient because of the flexibility it comes with. You can easily keep track of all the bills easily if you have this template to use.

You can easily add or remove the details from it to make it more suitable for your business. All those fields have been included in this template that is needed by a businessman.


Service Bill Template


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Service Bill Template for Excel


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