Auto Repair Bill Templates

In this world of car enthusiasts, love for cars and their maintenance is highly observed. Even if one is a car enthusiast or not, a vehicle requires to be looked after and should be sent for services if it needs one. In case any automobile is sent for getting repaired, an important aspect of it is to get the auto repair invoice.

What is an auto repair invoice?

Auto repair invoice is basically a list of all the services an auto-vehicle has received along with the relevant prices charged. An auto repair invoice is a necessary receipt as it tells one how much money has been spent because auto repair is the most expensive. Whether it is a seized engine, brake services, changing tires or changing radiator the cost of repairing all this is sky reaching. Hence it is of utmost need that an auto repair invoice must be provided to the vehicle owner to check if all the prices have been charged as mentioned before by the auto repair in charge and if no tampering of auto parts has been done.


Auto repair bill is used to demand the money to customers for the services that have been provided in repairing their automobile. The automobile can be a motorcycle, car, or any commercial vehicle.

Every automobile owner provides repairing services to his/her vehicle. It is no doubt, a very important thing to be done to keep your vehicle in a working condition. A proper repairing also increases the life span of the vehicle.

This bill calculates all those equipment charges that have been used to repair the vehicle. It also adds the servicing charges of the mechanic. Many expert mechanics charges per hour while some charge according to the complexity of work they have done.

When the bill is completely prepared, it is issued to the customers. Most of the service stations ask the vehicle owner to pay the bill before taking possession of the vehicle back.

What are the key components of auto repair bill template?

  1. Details about the company:

This section includes information about the name of the company, address, contact details, the unique invoice number and a lot more. These details are usually added at the top of the bill

  1. Customers’ information:

Name, address, telephone number, email address of the customer is added in the bill

  1. Information about the automobile:

The information of automobile that has been repaired is a very important part of the template. This includes the name of the vehicle’s manufacturer, year, model, color etc. These details are very important for proper identification of the vehicle

  1. Details of work:

This section should state the type of repairing service provided to the vehicle. The part of the vehicle that was repaired should be mentioned in the template. Moreover, if you have replaced any of the parts with a new one, add the charges of that new part in the bill.

  1. Total sum:

In the end, add all the charges and calculations result is written in the template.

The template has many pre-defined formulas which are essential for calculation. Anyone using this template does not have to spend too much time in calculation.


Auto repair bill template


The template

Format: MS Excel [.xlsx]

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The car spare parts use an appropriate billing invoice to sell the required parts to different customers or companies. The billing invoice helps in managing important information that is pertinent to the vehicle. Additionally, such information is essential for future references. The invoice holds the name of the Seller Company and complete address. Additionally, it contains complete information about vehicle i.e. model, year, color, mileage, and make. The demanded items are detailed along with name, quantity, price, and service charges. The total amount is written along with all the applicable taxes. These bills provide much convenience to the companies to deal with the customers on behalf of the charges due.

What are the constituents of an auto repair invoice?

Most of the auto repair invoices begin with the name of the customer followed by information of the auto-vehicle whether it is a motorcycle or a car etc. The model no, color, mileage, and other details are also mentioned.

After the enlistment of all these information problems related to a vehicle is mentioned along with the price of repairing the mentioned faults. In some cases, if the client is an old dealer then a discount is given to him and the percentage of discount given is mentioned on the invoice. This creates a promising future between the dealer and the owner of the car and encourages repeated business. In case if there is a massive problem and the dealer has to buy anything at his own expense to repair the car such as polish or cleaners, it is also mentioned on the invoice.
In the end, a synopsis of charges is done which is the total bill to be paid.


Hence auto repair invoice is of great importance as it helps in knowing as to what the problem is and how much expenditure has been done in order to repair the vehicle and maintain the quality of the vehicle.