School Fee Book Format for Excel

In many schools, a school fee book is used. It is a kind of booklet in which the record of the student’s fee is kept. The booklet is a single entity that keeps the record of the fee paid by a student during his single grade. The school fee booklet is different from the fee receipt as the fee receipt keeps the record of only the recent fee while the booklet has the record of all the previous fees paid by a student.

There are several semesters or terms in which the entire academic year of the school is divided. The purpose of this division is to make it easy for students as well as teachers to cover their courses and participate in assessments in an efficacious way. The book that keeps the fee record usually records the fee that is paid every semester or term throughout the academic year.


This helps the school’s management to know which student has been paying the fee regularly and which has not paid the full fee. This fee handout is usually used by the finance department of the school at the time of the fee submission.

Benefits of the school fee handout.

  • It is best for recordkeeping:

In general, a receipt is used to keep the record of the paid fee. However, the receipt is not so useful especially when you want to see the record of the entire academic year. The fee brochure keeps a record of the fee paid each month. This way, no one forgets the fee details.

  • They are useful while applying for the scholarship:

When a student has to apply for a scholarship, he is asked to show the school fee brochure. This brochure tells how much fee has already been paid by the employee and how much is yet to be paid. This enables the scholarship governing authorities to determine the value required to be allocated to that particular student so that he can continue his education without any financial obstacles.

  • They are useful for school authority:

An educational institute has to keep track of its finances just like any other institute. This book lets it do it in a better way. The finance department of the school gets the information from the book that how much money has been received as a fee and how much is yet to be received. Even if a school has to issue a fee waiver to the student, it first consults the book to see what effect the waiver will have on the finances of the school.

  • They help parents manage their finances:

It is important to note that the fee booklet is not just for school. Parents of the students can also use it for their personal use to take note of the money they spend on their child’s education. Furthermore, parents with multiple children find it even tougher to deal with the hiccups in the finances. They keep everything into consideration by using the free book.

What is the format of the fee handbill?

If you think that it is feasible to use the handbill of the fee, you should know the format to create the booklet of your own.  Below is a brief description of the format:

  1. The top of the book contains the name of the school and its logo
  2. After that, the name of the student, grade, section, and name of the academic year is mentioned.
  3. The rest of the booklet is divided into a number of sections to keep the record of each month or each semester separately. Each of these sections is further divided into subsections to take note of the fee paid each month.
  4. Some schools also like to mention the penalties or fines in this book as many schools add the fine to the fee and receive the total fee with the inclusion of a fine.
  5. Each page in the book has a unique record of the fee. At the end of the academic year, the fee for all the semesters or months is added to see the total amount that has been paid in total.


School fee book format

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