Price Quotation Templates

Price quotation is the process of quoting a price at which the seller is willing to sell his products. The price quoted by the seller is considered to be fixed. Once the customer accepts the offer, it cannot be changed.

The price quotation document is used to represent the price quoted by the seller. Generally, this document is sent to the seller by the buyer of the product. The price quote is quite similar to the invoice because, in both of these documents, the seller states the price of the products he sells. Many sellers use the sales invoice as a price quotation document because of the similarity in their functions. OR


A price quotation is an offer in written form given by the vendor or service provider to the customer. It gives details about the purchasing and selling terms of the product or services and their cost over a defined period.

A price quotation is a starting point for a business transaction. You can compare the prices of goods and services before accepting the quotation. When you put an element in the quotation form, you must specify the item quantity, unit price, and taxes.

What are the benefits of a price quotation?

The price quotation process is the main part of many businesses. Most service providers usually provide their services by quoting the price of the services. If the buyer finds the price to be reasonable, he will accept the offer. This document is very useful for the buyer since it enables him to know the price quoted by many sellers, and then he can choose the quotation that is most suitable for him.

The template

The price quotation is prepared by the seller, and then he sells it to the buyer to let him know the offer. The price quotation template is used by sellers to create a document that they can send to the buyer. The templates provide a document that is very easy to use and also imparts a professional look to the document.

The price quoted by the seller should be sent to the buyer as soon as possible, as there are several sellers the buyer is contacting for price quotations. If you have a price quotation template to use, you can easily send your quote to the buyer as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the price quotation template also lets the seller know what to write in the quotation document, which can grab the attention of the buyer. The seller can customize the template to make it suitable for use.

The quotation form template has a small database page set up that stores all the company details that will be included in the quote. You can enable or disable the option to either add the tax or hide it. There is a customizable option for the color scheme. This page displays the pre-defined country configuration for any applicable tax that the country charges with the implied currency.

Price Quote Portrait and Price Quote Landscape are the two sheets of such templates”. You can lay out your form according to your choice

Components of price quotation

  • Date: the quote creation and sending date
  • Deadline of validity
  • Quotation number for easy tracking
  • Customer ID and contact
  • Terms and conditions
  • Company’s contact

The price quote template can demonstrate any value-added tax in percentage. The page mechanically computes the VAT/tax percentage amount along with the total quotation value using the pre-formatted formulas. Fill in the details and get a print to get approval from the client.

Price Quotation with Tax

Price quotation with tax template

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Price Quotation without Tax

price quotation without tax template

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