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Making a service price list is essential for every service provider. Whenever a customer wants to purchase a product or a service, he tries to search for the prices and the best deals. When it comes to spending money, everyone shows concern. In case you are in need to display the prices of each product, you can make use of the service price list template.

What is the service price list?

Service price list is a spreadsheet document that displays the prices of all the services and products ready to be purchased by the customers. The purpose of using the price list is to help the customers know the prices of different items so that they can make a decision regarding the purchase. Some businesses are also required for the products.


The price menu has been designed for a long time by many service-related businesses such as carpenters, technicians or even craftsmen started writing their list. However, these lists are a great advertisement option for your services to prospective clients. You can formulate service programs in the template to keep track of your services. You can break the pricing hourly or daily. It can be used to list all the services you provide to advertise yourself.

What is included in the price list?

The contents to be added to the price list vary from business to business. However, there are a few details that are common to all the price lists regardless of the type of business. Such details have been listed below

  1. Names of different items and services sold by a business
  2. Prices of all the mentioned products and services are also mentioned in the price list
  3. The hourly rates of the service to be provided is mentioned separately
  4. If there is any special discount for the customer for availing a service or group of services, they are mentioned in the price list.

Use a template for listing your prices, the design should be appropriate to your business. This price list template is customizable with options to suit your business and you can easily alter categories according to your choice. It is compatible with other software and Microsoft office so the chaos of upgrading is settled. Developing a Price List is critical, it should be ready beforehand. Determine your market trends and the competition you are going to face. Look how the other people are charging for their services especially rule out the hidden charges.

Your Price List should be updated at regular intervals. It should deliver well-ordered and professional appearance. Get several printed handouts and it should be easy to read. Try to engage the client to give a second look or thought about the service you are offering.

Don’t hide any extra price from the client and add all the material on your price list. Make your template ready to fill in your pricing menu get it downloaded for printing several copies.

Services price list template

Download your file below.

Services Price List Template

File Size: 34 KB


Price list template:

Downloading the readymade template and using it is very convenient for a business owner. The prices of the items and services are subjected to changes. The use of template enables the user to change the price of every required item with ease and print it again.

The price list template provides enough space in which the user can keep adding names of new services and products as his business expands. The template can be customized in an attempt to make it more suitable for a business. It is always recommended to use the price list template for getting the price list since it imparts a professional look.

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