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Progress Notes

As the name states, a progress note is a medical document prepared by the doctors where they monitor the health conditions of a patient during the treatment. The doctor will record the improvement and the progress that a patient is making. Maintaining records is very important for any industry. But it is a crucial part of the medical industry.

Progress notes will help you to plan, monitor and record the progress of the patients. Medicine is a very critical field, as a mistake by the doctor can result in the patient losing their life. Progress notes are the part of the patient’s medical file. For writing the progress notes, it is very important to follow the standard form. The progress notes will comprise of the symptoms, diagnosis, medication and the assessment.


Having various reasons for writing the progress notes, one of the reasons is you might want to change your doctor at any time. In such a case, the new doctor will need your history to understand the case. This is where progress notes come in handy. As progress notes are written in a standard format, the main headings of the progress notes will be as follows:

Note Header

This area will include all the basic details of the patient such as the name, contact details, patient ID or hospital code. It will also include the appointment time and location.


Then comes the diagnoses of the patient along with the treatment that is being offered. A brief description of the illness will be mentioned for reference.


This is where we will mention the symptoms that the patient is having. Mentioning the treatment of the symptoms can help to build a causal link for the patients as well as the doctors.

If the doctor has maintained these progress notes, it will help them to recall the case even if their patient returns after months. The importance and need for progress notes will always be debatable, but every reasonable and prudent doctor will try their best to maintain these records.


Patient progress note template


Patient Progress Note Template

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