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With every purchase, you get a receipt which is a must have and you should wait for the receipt. Generally, out of hurry people don’t even wait for the cash receipt which is quite unprofessional and irresponsible. The receipts have been designed for many imperative reasons. The contemporary era uses the printable receipts that are prepared on the computer and through a machine, you get a hard copy of it and in the ancient time’s people tend to prepare it by writing the goods purchased by hand but all and all the concept of receipt is not so new.

The cash or sales receipts are basically the ones that you receive at the time of full payment in exchange for goods. It is a legal prove that certain person has paid the bill on the several product purchases.


In some stores, you are not even allowed to leave the premises without showing the proof of your shopping. The sales receipt is now used by almost everywhere, from a local art to the shopping mall. You can also use the receipt if you accidentally buy a wrong product because most of the outlets demand the receipts for any changes in the order.

What does a sales receipt look like?

You must have seen or received sales receipt around hundred times in your life and all of them have the general pattern. If you are looking for the sales receipt then you can download and print them and use them as they are but for some changes, you can open the template in the Microsoft Excel and can customize it on your will.

The basic material of the cash receipt includes date, time and the address on the top. It has the giant column in the middle which has the space for item and amount. Most of the times items are filled with hands and some of the time, they are typed on the computer by the salesman. Then in the last space is left for details about the clerk, subtotal, mode of payment (credit, debit or cash) and the tax.


Sales Receipt 2017


Sales Receipt Template NEW 2017

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Sales Receipt Template for Excel


Sales Receipt Sample for Excel


Sales Receipt Sample


Sales Receipt Template

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Sales Receipt for Excel


Sales Receipt for Business


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