Cash or Funds Donation Receipt

Cash or fund donation receipt is a document that serves as proof that the person has made the payment. A fund donation receipt is also used to acknowledge the contribution of the person to an NGO. When a person makes a payment, the receipt is given to him right away. Some organizations also send an email to inform the donor that funds have been received.

Charitable donations tend to be tax-deductible for the particular donor plus reportable by the specific nonprofit organization, therefore a donation receipt needs to have precise information concerning the exact value of the donation as well as what the donor got in return. It is easy to make a donation receipt by hand as well as on your computer. This article will tell you how to.


You need to first choose the form of the receipt. You can make it in the form of a letter, a postcard, something that one can fill in them by hand. It just needs to have the proper information. It is important to write the name of your particular charity.

You also need to state that you are precisely a non-profit entity. The donor’s name has to be on the receipt. In this way it becomes valid. You have to write the date of the donation plus how much amount was given. The donation may not be in cash, if so, and then write a description of what it was.

It is also important to specify if the donor got something for the donation. This is essential as only the amount which is higher than the goods or services will be regarded as tax-deductible. More information needs to be included for vehicles that are more than $500. If you sold the vehicle then you will have to state that on the receipt, if not, then you will have to tell what you are going to use it for. Include a disclosure statement if it is required.

The receipt needs to be signed precisely from someone who is in the organization. You need to keep a copy of this receipt. You can find donation receipt templates online and the one given here.

What are the benefits of cash or fund donation receipts?

  1. The non-profit organizations should send the fund receipt to the donor as soon as possible. These receipts are very beneficial for the donor if he wants to receive the tax deductions based on the money he has donated. Donors need documentation for many other purposes also.
  2. A donor may want to know whether the donation has been received or not. Sending the fund donation receipt helps the donor confirm that the donated money has been received by the organization.
  3. When a donor wants to keep the record of the financial transactions, he can keep the record of receipts he receives from the non-profit organization.
  4. Some organizations are also required to submit their fund donation receipt to the IRS. Sending receipt is important for them since they can face the penalty of 10$ or more if they don’t submit the receipt
  5. The history of donations made by a particular individual or an institute can also be tracked with the help of a fund donation receipt.
  6. It is important for a non-profit organization to keep a clear and accurate record of the money it receives. The donation receipt can be used for the purpose of record-keeping

If you want to have a donation receipt for your company that you can use for different purposes, you can use a sample donation receipt template to assist you in creating a receipt of your own.

Furthermore, if you want to use the sample receipt, you can download the template as it is easily printable and downloadable. The user can also customize it according to his needs. Managing the charities becomes easier with the help of a donation receipt.


Cash or fund donation receipt template

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Donation Receipt template

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