Odometer Log Templates

What is an odometer?

The distance traveled by the vehicle is measured with an instrument known as an odometer. The purpose of the odometer is to keep track of the total mileage of the vehicle. It is located in the dashboard of the vehicle. People who like to keep track of the distance traveled by their vehicle note down the reading of odometer every time they travel.

The complete record of odometer reading is referred to as odometer log. The odometer log can be prepared in different software. However, the most appropriate software for a log is MS Excel.


Odometer reading is very important as everyone considers it while purchasing a used vehicle. Some companies also reimburse the travel expenses of the employee while looking at the odometer log.

The employee wants to get the reimbursement is required to maintain the odometer log on a regular basis so that the accurate reading record can be maintained.

What are the benefits of an odometer log?

People who maintain the odometer get the following advantages:

  1. Maintaining the odometer gives the correct and accurate reminders to the owner of the vehicle whenever vehicle needs servicing. The owner often forgets giving servicing that deteriorates the condition of the vehicle over time. With the help of odometer log, the owner gets to know that the vehicle has traveled enough and now it needs servicing.
  2. If you are an employee and going on a business trip, you are required to get all the expenses reimbursed. The company that needs to pay the business expenses will ask you to provide the odometer log in order to see the total mileage.
  3. The odometer log also gives the owner of the vehicle an accurate idea about the condition of the vehicle. Usually, the odometer is set to zero in order to record the total distance traveled by the vehicle. Setting the odometer to zero removes all the readings. The odometer log is the best way to keep a record of all the reading taken by the odometer.
  4. With the help of odometer log, one can obtain various types of statistic data and graphs. The odometer log provides all the mileage details related to a vehicle.
  5. The odometer log is very effective for all those people who want to calculate the mileage between two full tanks. If you are running a vehicle business and you want to keep track of mileage of multiple vehicles at a time, you will obviously feel difficulty in managing all the vehicles simultaneously. In such a situation, the odometer log can be a very effective tool to record the details of all the vehicles.

Odometer log template:

There are different formats in which the odometer log is prepared. The most appropriate software for a log is MS Excel.

The MS Excel is a very effective tool for making odometer log as it contains many pre-defined formulas that perform the calculations quickly and also provide different details. It also helps the user fetch statistical data from the data provided to the log.

Odometer log template


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Odometer log template


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