House Renovation Budget Template

Sometimes, the renovation of the house costs you more than the reconstruction. This is because the planning for renovation is not done appropriately. Sometimes, the house owner also changes his mind during the renovation and everything is left incomplete. When the expenses become more than expected, the house owner has to make the decision of cessation of renovation.

Not having proper renovation is always attributed to poor renovation planning. When it comes to planning the renovation, the first thing one has to do is planning the budget. There is a specific amount of money one has to specify for renovation.


The home renovation budget template is an Excel spreadsheet that facilitates the user to input the expected expenses incurred for the renovation of a house or part of a house and gives the detailed analyses of the expenses at one place. The information is highlighted using graphs and other visual representation tools.

The process of renovation becomes very hectic when the budget is not planned in a right way. Before you start thinking about your dream house, make sure that you know how to spend wisely.

Renovation of the house completely depends on how much you can afford to spend. Therefore, one should always be aware of his affordability. You can simply divide the process of renovation in different sections and then figure out how much you can spend on each section.

Moreover, there are also many other things to decide when it comes to saving money during the renovation. Decide whether you can compromise on the quality of the finish you want to give to your house.

How to make house renovation budget?

Making the budget for house renovation can drastically change the way you spend. This will enable you to save more and spend less. Here are the steps following which will lead you to a better budget planning for house renovation

  1. The first thing to do is to decide what type of house renovation you actually need. Some people perform renovation because they want to add value to their house. This will increase the resale price of the house. Some people do the renovation because they want to give a luxurious touch to their house. Before you start making a budget, you should decide it up front as it will significantly impact your budget.
  2. Check your house thoroughly to know about the condition of the house. If your house is old, it will need a serious renovation since there will be many parts of the house needing repair. An old house will cost you more than a new one. Fixing all the problems of the house should be your priority instead of decorating it.
  3. Your budget also depends on how big your house is. If you have more area in your house to renovate, it will cost you more. Before you make a budget, measure the total area of your house and then the amount it will need for renovation.
  4. Make a list of all those things which are in your priority. Assign a specific amount to each priority. If you have a limited budget, you should be able to distinguish between the wants and needs.

You can use a budget template for the purpose of home renovation. This template includes a checklist that will let you remember all the things you are needed to do while planning the budget for house renovation.


House renovation budget template


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