Spending and Savings Worksheet

Those who want to save money know that they have to keep track of their spending as well as savings. This helps them determine whether they are keeping a balance between the two or not. People also keep track of their expenses and the money they save when they have a goal for which they require a specific amount. Keeping track and control of spending is a good thing that most wise people do.

What is a spending and savings worksheet?

It is a financial tool that is used by people who want to manage their finances efficiently. It records the information such as income, expenses, and savings of the person that eventually lets him get a deeper insight into his financial situation. This way, lots of things can be managed expertly. People who use the worksheet are also able to make informed and right decisions.


Why is it important to use the spending and savings worksheet?

In this age and time, everyone is concerned about saving more money because of the hike in the competition among people to have a better standard of life. In addition, people also want a safe and better future which cannot be possible without having an ample amount of money in their account.

This need arises and then people become more concerned about keeping a balance between the money they are receiving every month and the money they spend. Overspending eventually takes you closest to bankruptcy which can lead to many problems in the time to come.

Using this worksheet allows people to determine if they are spending more than they should. Based on this information, people can make better decisions regarding managing their finances.

What does a spending and saving worksheet look like?

This worksheet is usually created in MS Excel file format and it includes the following sections with various empty fields filling which enables people to get useful information about their finances. A complete breakdown of this worksheet is given below:

Details of income:

This part of the worksheet collects information about the source or sources of income of a person. Here, you will be required to input your salary, any other type of allowance you receive such as a pension, other side income sources such as freelance work, rental amount, and much more basically, this part pays attention to the inflow of the money.

Expenses that are fixed:

There are many such expenses that you can never avoid so matter what. These expenses include your utility bills, rent payment, and much more. If you are trying to save your money, you should remember that you can never achieve your goal by cutting out these unavoidable outflows of cash from your pocket.

Avoidable expenses:

There is another type of expense which is called avoidable expenses.  They include the money that you spend on food, entertainment, buying clothes, etc. You can easily avoid those expenses by making a difference between your wants and needs and then compromising a little bit on your wants.

You don’t need to be a miser to avoid expenses. There is a fine balance that needs to be achieved and the worksheet will help you determine that balance at some point.

Total expenses:

Here, you will add the values of fixed and variable expenses to see the total amount you spend each month from your income. This will give you a brief overview of your spending and you will see a clear picture of your financial situation.

Total amount kept aside:

Another section of the worksheet includes the space where you can mention the amount you have allocated for saving. This is the amount that you have decided to not spend and keep aside for the future. The savings amount can be determined by subtracting the total expenses from the total income.

Remember that amount of savings and expenses will let you see whether you are spending more than required or you are being a miser. If your expenses are more than your income, it means you are going to face difficulties in the future. Similarly, if there is a significant difference in income and expenses, there is something you need to be concerned about if this is unusual.

Spending and savings worksheet template