Daily Assignment Log

What is a daily assignment log? 

In general, people work on a lot of things simultaneously in a single day. Some of these things are personal and some are professional. The work log used for an employee is used to keep track of the work an employee does in his professional life.

What is the basic purpose of using a daily assignment log?

The daily work log is used in various companies to determine the number of hours an employee has worked. It also tells, number of hours an employee has taken to complete his work.


What is the benefit of using employee daily worksheets?

This is the type of worksheet that you need to use when you want to stay organized. When companies want to keep track of where the employee is spending most of his time, they start using a record sheet. This is a first and foremost step towards managing the time in a most productive way.

Here are some key benefits being discussed:

  • It helps in planning:

When you use the duty log for calculating the number of hours that you have consumed in completing an assignment that was assigned to you, you can easily estimate how much you will take in the future to completing the assignments. In this way, you can manage everything conveniently.

  • It assists in the evaluation of performance:

Employees are usually judged based on their performance and the work they deliver. The performance of the employee largely depends on the number of hours he has worked and the total number of assignments he has completed. In this way, the company evaluates the performance of the employee.

  • It is useful for setting goals:

As it has been told earlier, one easily guesses the total time required to complete a specific type of assignment. Therefore, when people want to set goals as to how much work should be done by each employee in the company in the given amount of time; they estimate based on information provided by the daily assignment log.

  • It increases the work efficiency of employee:

The work log used for the employee always keeps the employee alert because he knows that his performance in terms of time is being measured. He then tries to be more efficient. In some cases, the employees are also given deadlines and they are told that the work assigned to them should be completed by the specific date or time. Consequently, the employee becomes more productive.

Using the daily assignment log template:

When the employee’s response to a specific type of work is to be seen, the daily assignment log is the best tool that can be used. The employees also use this log for keeping track of the work they are doing. They complete the work, update the assignment log, and then submit it to their employer.

Companies issue these logs or record sheets to their employees whenever they recruit the employees. Since the work log is required to be sent to all the employees, it is convenient for a company to use a template for this purpose.

The template requires the user to customize it to make it meet his unique needs and then the template can be sent to as many people as the company wants.

What are the components of the assignment log?

To figure out how effective it can be to use a log to keep tabs on the work that has been accomplished and the work that is yet to be accomplished, one needs to need what information does this document include:

  • Date of each assignment:

Whether you have completed the assignments that were assigned to you or you have all the assignments lined up for accomplishment, you must mention the date to know your speed.

  • Details of the employee:

This part of the log includes details such as the name of the employee, a unique employee ID number, etc. These details are important since every employee has his assignment log that needs to be distinguished from others.

  • Details of the supervisor:

In general, companies hire supervisors to monitor the progress of the work that is assigned to an employee each day. The details of that supervisor must be known so that the company can resort to the supervisor if it needs to get information on any type of work log.

  • Details of the assignment:

There are different types of assignments. Some of them are those that have been recently assigned to the employer and he has not started work on them yet. Some of them are known as completed assignments while some are those which are being done and are expected to be completed soon. 

Daily Assignment Log Template for Excel