Billing Statement Template

Billing Invoice

Billing invoice is used to provide a list of service and products given to a customer who owes a business or money to you. As sellers and service providers cannot ask for money directly from the customers so they use invoice. It’s considered rude to ask for money directly so they use billing invoice to ask the customer for money in a polite way.

A client prefers receiving a billing invoice which gives them details for what they are paying for. Invoice is also used by customers to keep a financial record of the products or services they are buying. Invoice provides details of the services they have given to the client. The client expects to receive an invoice even if the client pays before receiving the invoice. Each invoice is given a different number starting from the first invoice which is sent to the customer. This helps to keep an order in the invoice sent.


A billing invoice provides other information as well which includes the date at which the product or services were delivered and the date at which the invoice was delivered to the customer. It provides the contact information and name of the service provider or the seller so that the client can contact him/her if needed. It provides details of the components of the project; such as the hourly rate of the seller or the cost of each project component. It provides essential details required by the customer such as the payment details and the due date for the payment.

Monthly Billing Invoice Statement

A billing statement is a detailed summary of the credits and debits done against your credit card at the end of billing cycle. It can also be defined as a monthly activity log against your credit card. A billing statement shows your monthly :

  • Credits
  • Debits
  • Recent transactions
  • Balance due against the credit card
  • Due Date for bill payment
  • Monthly interest markup
  • Expiry date of your card

& Other key information.

Billing statement also shows your opening and closing balance at the end and beginning of each month. This statement is very important as it tells you what you owe and how much have already paid. In short, it is a complete log of payments made to and from your account through your credit card. It is vital for both the financial service provider and for the customer.  The provider needs to inform the customer what he/she owes and when is the payment due. In a way, it is informing both where they stand financially every month.

The sample template being offered is a complete professional sample of a monthly billing invoice statement.


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Billing Statement Template

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