Employee Annual Leave Record Spreadsheet

Many companies keep the record of annual leave of employees. The annual leave record spreadsheet is a very effective tool in recording the details of annual leave and calculating the salaries of the employees precisely. This spreadsheet performs the calculations with complete ease because of the formulas added to it. The spreadsheet enables every user to create a record sheet for his company.

Almost all organization assigns annual leaves to their staffs which are entitled to them when they have served a year in the organization. A permanent employ can enjoy a four-week annual leave during his/her service year.


Most companies give more than this but the four weeks is the minimum period for annual leaves. These leaves could be taken for illness, childcare or any other unavoidable circumstances.

You can enjoy a trip on your annual leave. The rules are slightly customized for the part-time workers and the shift workers as every state law and organization have recorded their clauses about this annual leave issues in their functional folders.

Many organizations let the feasibility of cashing your annual leaves. It means that if an employee is not utilizing his annual leave he/she can replace them with cash. It is not necessary that every company allows this encashment as if you are not allowed to take cash as a substitute you either have to lose those leaves or you can add them in your next year leaves. If you are taking cash instead of leaves you first have to give your consent in a written document.

The format of annual leave record sheet:

The sheet includes the title as well as the name of the company in which the sheet will be used. The sheet includes the name of each employee and the total number of leaves taken by him in the entire year.

The leaves taken by the employee in each month are also mentioned. Each month of the year also has a separate spreadsheet that redirects the user to a detailed preview of that month that includes the dates on which the employee remained absent. Some companies also include the reason for the leave taken by the employee. However, mentioning the reason is not important.

The employee annual leave spreadsheet is broadly divided into three categories the first one title the leave accrual which subdivides into hour accrued with relevant dates. The second category shows the details of the taken leaves, the duration with dates and the amount paid for the leaves, while the third category exhibits the leave balance in hours. This annual leave log is a helpful tool to calculate the payments for your employee comprehensively. Design your annual leave sheet through excel spreadsheets or other readymade software available.

Importance of annual leave record sheet:

The annual record sheet is used to determine whether the employee has taken the allowed number of leaves or more than that. The deductions from the salary are also made based on data obtained from the sheet.

Some companies also reward the employees with the maximum attendance. In order to determine which employee is worth the reward, the annual leave record sheet is consulted.

Maintaining the annual leave record sheet is not easy especially when there are hundreds of employees. The companies must hire professionals for performing this job.

The use of annual leave record sheet template makes it easier for the company to get this job done without the assistance of any professional person. This enables the company to save money.

The sheet is prepared in MS Excel format. Excel performs many calculations on the data entered in it with the help of pre-defined formulas in it. It is also very effective software in managing and arranging the data properly so that the desired person’s data can be retrieved easily.


Employee annual leave record spreadsheet

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Employee Annual Leave Record Spreadsheet

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