Employee Payment Advice Template

To confirm invoice payments, employee payment advice documents are being used extensively these days. All the suppliers and employers feel peace of mind when they use a payment advice document although the historic use of the same is less common. These documents are also useful because they enable the employer to perform fast tracking.

What is employee payment advice?

An employee is compensated for the work he performs for the company. The compensation is done usually on a weekly or monthly basis. In some cases, the employees are also paid regularly on daily basis. When a company issues a payment to the employee, it keeps a record that also serves as proof of payment. This payment advice document is sent to the account receivables so that the company as well as the employee can confirm that the payment has been made.


The payment advice document is prepared to act like a receipt which is also used for keeping financial records. This gives peace of mind and satisfaction to the employee as well as the employer about the payment that has been made.

How a payment advice document is used?

Companies that like to use such documents often consider sending them after they have issued an invoice to the employee. However, it can also be used before sending the invoice. Ideally, it should be sent after the payment to the employee has been confirmed. This payment can be in any form from salary to the reimbursement of company expenses.

What is a payment advice template?

Whenever there is a need to confirm the payment made to the employee, the employers often send an email or a letter to the employee in which the confirmation is made. Businesses that send payment advice notes to employees frequently often like to use software that automatically generates the advice for the employee.

What is the purpose of the payment advice template?

The basic purpose of this advice template is to enable the employer or manager to issue payment advice effortlessly. When the employer confirms the payment through the use of this template, he gets peace of mind as it is confirmed that the employee cannot claim the payment of the salary again. This way, the company protects itself against unpleasant situations.

These days, payments are made digitally and the receipt is issued automatically. Due to this, payment devices are not needed these days. However, some companies still like to use these templates because they ensure effective record-keeping and also help them manage their finances.

What are the benefits of using the payment advice template?

The template created for the payment advice comes with plenty of benefits. Some of these benefits are:

It keeps a business compliant:

Companies are required to show compliance with the rules and regulations of the state. Some states make it mandatory for businesses to issue advice to their employees as it is the basic right of the employee to know about the payment confirmation. So, when a company uses the template, it shows very easy compliance with the rules of the state.

It makes the payroll process simple:

The last step of sending the payment to the employee is to confirm it. Due to the use of the template, the process of confirmation becomes easy for many people; it is an additional headache that they often have to contend with.

It gives proof of payment:

To protect yourself financially, it is your basic responsibility to ensure that the payment that you made has reached the employee. You perform the confirmation by mentioning the full name of the employee, the employee ID, and the account number where the payment has been transferred. This way, there is no chance of any kind of dispute related to the non-payment of the money.

The template enables a company to use the advice as proof of payment effortlessly as there is a minimum effort from the people since some companies simply schedule the payment advice sent to the employees and then they become stress-free as the template creates the payment advice and makes it ready to be sent to the employees.

The Excel (.xlsx) Template

Employee payment advice template

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