Daily Food Expense in Office Worksheet

Offices are run by employees whose numbers vary depending on the size of the office and the projects they undertake. Employees are paid for their services to the office but they are also provided with other incentives to keep them sharp and up for work.

The daily food expense worksheet is known as the document that records the total expenditure of money for buying food and beverages for employees working in the office. These worksheets can be customized for a definite period of time i.e. daily, for a week, or month.


Food expenses for an office may include coffee machines, an unlimited supply of tea, and coffee through tea boys. It may also include a lunch buffet where employees can select from a specific menu and enjoy their meal during the break. Additionally, employees may get together to order and office administration cover charges. All these strategies are employed to keep employees loyal and full of spirits.

Moreover, some offices provide coffee and snack items for the employees to munch on. These snacks mainly include biscuits, crisps, cakes, and other packaged eatables. The worksheet helps businesses to keep a track of their expenditures pertaining to food expenses of employees and make informed decisions about the future.

The worksheet contents…

Contents of the daily food expenses worksheet are based on the requirements that are set by administration and management. Food expense worksheets are maintained by administrators and expenditures for each day are added.

Contents of daily food expenses at an office are mentioned below,

  • Business information: name, logo, address, and contact details of the business are mentioned on the worksheet to personalize it.
  • Date: date of the following day is added because the worksheet records daily expenses. A similar worksheet can also be maintained for a month’s expenses.
  • List of food: a list of all food items and beverages is mentioned on the worksheet to make sure that every item is accounted for. This process helps in knowing the exact spending amount.
  • Pricing: unit and total price of each item is mentioned before them along with the quantity in which they are purchased.
  • Total money: a total of each item is then mentioned at the bottom of the worksheet to close it for the day.
  • Outstanding bill: outstanding bill of the previous day is also added if it has not been accounted for.
  • Vendor information: all the snacks for the office are purchased from one vendor to keep the quality constant therefore, personal information about the vendor i.e. his name, address, and contact details are added.

The worksheet is useful because of…

The daily food expense worksheet has proven to be very helpful because of the following reasons,

  • It helps in keeping a track of money related to food expenses at the office.
  • It can be very helpful while devising a budget for the office because it can give a clear idea as to how much money should be allocated for food expenses.
  • A list of all food and beverages keeps the administration informed about the type of food that is being consumed.
  • If food expenses are out of budget, office administration can take necessary measures to keep them in control.


Daily food expense in office worksheet

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