Staff Leave Register

A company needs to manage the leaves of every person who works in that company. Effective management of the leave plays a major role in effective staff management. Different tools are used for ensuring that the leaves of the workers in the company are being managed seamlessly.

What is the leave register used for staff?

A register is a tool in which different types of records are kept. It has been in use for ages. People use it for the smooth execution of calculation-related work. However, there are plenty of other functions performed by registers.


Earlier, paper registers were in common use. They used to hold the record in the form of hard copy. Although those registers were also very useful, they had some drawbacks. These days, digital registers are used more commonly. The annual leave register is also a digital register that is created either in the form of an Excel file or any other spreadsheet software. This software is capable of holding a record of thousands of employees.

What are the benefits of using a leave register for staff?

 The staff leave register has plenty of benefits. We are going to discuss a few of them below:

They ensure attendance management:

In every organization, there is a proper mechanism by which the attendance of the employees is managed and controlled. For example, a company cannot allow all its employees to take leave from a job on the same day although their annual leaves are remaining. This will lead to so many problems in the company. The leave register enables the employer to see and decide which employee should be allowed to take leave and which ones leave applications can be rejected for the time being.

They help in employee’s accountability:

The annual leave of an employee is specific in number. If leaves taken by the employee exceed that number, there will be a proper mechanism to deal with such employees. The company can take necessary actions such as a deduction from the salary or some other procedures to correct the behavior of the employees. Furthermore, those employees who remain present across the year are also rewarded with the award of regularity and showing professional attitude.

They enable the company to run smoothly:

When employees know that their attendance including absentees and leaves is being monitored, they stay careful. This makes the operations of the company smooth. The performance of an organization completely depends on how diligently its employee works. So, monitoring the employees is important.

They help in payroll calculation:

To make employees regular, many organizations deduct salaries based on a number of uninformed absentees. The leave register keeps the record of all the absentees as well as leaves and then the company can determine if there is any left that was not approved by the company.

It is very easy to handle:

This digital register is created in MS Excel generally which is very easy to use. There is no proper training required to train the staff for handling the record. Anyone can easily learn using Excel. Once the names of all the employees are added, the record can for many years.

How to create the leave register?

Fortunately, you don’t have to find a readymade register on the internet when you want to track the leaves of your employees. You can simply create one in no time:

  1. Divide the sheet into a number of columns and make each column record different details.
  2. The first column should be there to record the absenteeism concerning time. This column can be subdivided into various columns to record the leave in days, hours, and minutes.
  3. Since the leave taken by the employee is of different types, there should be a separate column for noting the type of leave taken by the employee.
  4. Mention the dates on which leave was taken by the employee in the entire year.
  5. In the end, you can view the entire register as a complete snapshot of annual leaves applied and taken by the employee.
  6. You can either print the entire breakdown to keep the record in the file of the employee.
Staff leave register template