Employee Attendance Tracker for Excel

An employee attendance tracker is used by the Human Resources department of an organization to track attendance and notify of any absence. This tool is very helpful and can be used in almost every sector. Employee attendance tracker is used in schools, hospitals, offices, libraries, social clubs, business centers, and many more. Management can easily track leaves, vacations, and public holidays. Annual leaves and emergency leaves can be easily calculated.

An employee attendance tracker is not only for the supervisors but employees can also take benefit from it. This serves as a device to check their leaves and ratio of attendance themselves, thus giving more room for improvement.


Benefits of keeping an employee attendance tracker:

The benefits associated with an employee attendance tracker cannot be neglected, which are as follows:

  • Keeping an updated employee attendance tracker is time efficient and saves the energy of the staff. The data recorded is readily available for the management of people.
  • This tool helps the finance department in the right calculations of payroll checks according to the absences of an employee.
  • The tool reduces labor costs, as the only person will be required to keep a check on the attendance of the organization. All he needs is proper software on his computer.
  • Employees can use this tool to get accurate payments from the company. No chance of errors and cheating from either side.
  • The tool has helped in the calculation of paychecks for the employee faster without any delays.

A typical employee attendance tracker consists of:

  • Name of the organization.
  • Division and names of different departments.
  • The number of employees in each department.
  • Name and designation of each employee.
  • Shows public holidays, absence, sick leaves, and annual leaves of each staff member.

This tool needs to be updated daily to keep a sound record and nothing is to be missed by the managing employee. It is usually kept very safe and is considered the confidential information of an employee and is not to be shared among other staff members.

In keeping and tracking the attendance of individuals in a company, the element of time is very vital to the organization. The importance of time enhances the progress in achieving the goals.

Every organization needs different attendance trackers for its smooth running and it provides the most information about an individual working within the company.

Attendance trackers for businesses

It is no doubt vital to have a record concerning an employee’s time, be it for any job or workplace. Small offices that have minimal employees also keep one of these to be sure that there are always enough individuals to fulfill the required tasks. This tracker will allow a manager to keep a record of attendance as well as time off. In this way, disturbances in the workflow will not occur.

You can have a spreadsheet for every employer. The employee’s name will be written on top. You can then write all their details, for example, gender, birth date, and designation. You can write an emergency contact number that might be needed when the employee has not come and has given no notice. It can also include the employee’s phone number.

It will be easy if you need to contact him, instead of searching through all his files. Then in the columns section, you can write the date, whilst in the rows, you can write the months. These can be then filled appropriately. You can do this on an Excel spreadsheet. You can have a Calendar View that will let you see when the employee is present. Statistics can also be listed, for example, sick days, vacation, etc. Color coding will make the data look simpler. You can then scan this data for more than one employee.

You can download free Employee Attendance Trackers online. The download is free and you can use them easily. They also can be customized and is suitable for any business type.

Employee attendance tracker

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