Sales Invoice Sample

A sales invoice is an instrument used to communicate sales or purchase between the buyer and the customer. It is a detailed description of the products or services rendered by the seller to the customer with proper date, item or reference code, the amount per purchase or item, quantity and the total amount received by the seller.

It also states special deduction or increase in the amount in case of discount or delivery charges respectively. The sales invoice is usually authenticated by the seller or customer with signature or company stamp as per their need. In case of services or purchase items, the company terms and conditions are usually mentioned at the back of the invoice instrument.


Sales invoices are very useful to keep records in the case of both the buyer and the seller. Seller uses it to maintain inventory and ledgers, which in turn helps them determine when to renew their stock and which item or service is to be invested in. Buyer, if it is a company would also maintain their inventory and purchase ledger, however, if the buyer is an individual these invoices are usually used to keep a record of purchase to be used in tax deductions or evaluating personal budgets.

These sales invoices are not only vital for small and medium sized businesses but are also very important for enterprises and multinational corporations as well. Formulating a well-written sales invoice with all the important information fields is of the essence in the above-mentioned scenarios. The sample available on our website demonstrates the complete and professionally formulated sales invoice as a guideline.

Sales Invoice Template

sales invoice


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Modern sales invoice formats:

The sales invoice with format can be very beneficial for a business. If you are running a business and you want your business to keep up with the latest changes in the business world, you will have to stay updated with modern operational techniques as well as strategies.

Moreover, you should keep all the documents’ format modern and up to date. This is the only way you can make your business operate with modern techniques.


Sales invoice


Importance of modern invoice formats:

The modern invoice formats incorporate modern design and style with which you can impart an attractive and more professional look to your invoice. As a matter of fact, the design of the invoice impacts the customers.

If you are using a modern and good-looking invoice for your business, you are more likely to attract more customers towards your business. However, it should be kept in mind that the calculations done in the invoice should be accurate and without any error no matter which format you use.


We have provided a plethora of designs and formats in the category of the sales invoice. These templates are very useful in generating a modern and professional looking sales invoice. These templates also provide the power to the user with which he can customize the template according to his needs.

You have been using the sales invoice template for a long time. Now, it’s high time you started using the modern invoice. All you need to do is upgrade yourself to the modern template with the latest format.

As a business owner, you may be aware of the fact that you are required to keep updating your business practices in order to beat your competitors. Whenever, you find a new format, or a modern design being launched in the market, you are advised to switch to it just to give an impression that you not only keep your invoices up to date but also your strategies to run your business.

The template will enable you to create the modern and elegant sales invoice design that you can generate as many times as you want.

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